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Hawaii Five-0 "Ohuna (The Secret)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Steve tries to reunite his mom and Mary and a kid (computer hacker) is murdered.

Kid, Zack, is getting released from a correctional facility and later we find out because he was a major computer hacker. Family happy to see him, except his dad. Kid seems nice, though. But of course, don't know much about him. Driving home and that's when the trouble happens. Somebody hacked into the GPS and got them lost and kidnapped Zack! Horrible, right? Zack knew something was up the minute he looked at the GPS, though. Oh, forgot to mention that Zack ended up murdered by the guys.

Steve at the airport picking up Mary. Didn't know she was returning! Looks like she has turned her life around a little bit. Now has a job as a caregiver and had to bring Morty with her. Of course, he's always wanted to see Hawaii. Steve panicking thinking that Mary had married this old guy. Guess he's been asking her, though. Steve not happy at all about how Morty touched Mary. Steve finally tells Mary about their mom still being alive and she's not at all happy about it. Doesn't end up going home with Steve and Doris is not happy. Almost goes in search of her herself, but Steve talks her out of it.

That's when Steve gets the call about the kidnapping. Goes to investigate it. Zack's brother, James, is a little weird and way too attached to his tablet. But right now, that was a good thing. He got the license plate number and was writing it down over and over again.

Yay, Max for no cane! Been long enough. But that's nice. I don't like it where they get hurt in one episode, but then are suddenly healed in the next episode.

Kono goes to visit the parents and that turns out bad fast! Bad guys come to their house while Kono is upstairs talking to James. Kono hides James and without the bad guys knowing it and gets held hostage with the rest of the people there! When Chin realizes that Kono is there, he's not happy about that at all.

Very exciting stuff happening now. Kono figured out the password that was 309 numbers long. That's what the bad guys are after and so she saves the parents and the kid again by telling them that she knows it. 

Bad guys set up a deal with the cops and they want a truck or some type of car (can't remember) and somehow Steve was on the truck and Kono was inside, I believe and it was a major shot out between the bad guys. Kono gets out safe and we find out that Zack ended up having a major rap sheet on the bad guy.

Mary finally ends up seeing her mom, but why? Because of Morty telling her a very sad story about what happened with him and his daughter. And Morty wants her to see her mom anyways. So sweet that they finally got together and that Steve actually saw it, too. But I gotta say that I still do not trust Doris.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below! 

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