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NCIS "Gone" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Gibbs and the team investigate a kidnapping.

Normally, I don't like stories about kid trafficking and stuff, but this episode was actually pretty good. I was wondering if it was gonna be about that towards the end of the episode.

So, two friends are walking out of a movie theater at night and one of their dad is waiting for them. Van pulls up, grabs one of the girls and the dad goes to the rescue. Other girl runs in to get help, but which is good and bad because she ended up not seeing her dad get shot. :( Her friend got kidnapped to.

Guess the team got the early shift or something because Tony is not happy about that. Ziva and McGee all seem cherry except Tony. Guess he's not a morning person. Found out that Ziva has been up for a couple hours because she was talking to an old friend. Has usual, Tony is jealous. That's before he finds out that the friend Ziva was talking to, could be her grandpa! He somehow met Tony's dad, too! That part was funny at the end.

What a shock and so unlike Ziva to volunteer to take Lydia in until her mom comes to get her! 

Abby may have some stuff in common with Lydia, though. Just gotta say that I really loved the black/blue dress that Abby wore for most of the episode. Totally cute!

How did Gibbs know that mysterious woman he called for help on the case? Are we supposed to recognize her from past episodes? That whole part was just odd because they never did tell us how they knew each other and they normally do. Unless they did and I just missed it.

LOL at Tony's impression of Ducky. Didn't even sound like him one bit. You knew immediately that it was Tony. But nice try there anyways!

The owner of the bowling alley is the one that got involved with the kidnapping. Found the girl just in time before they shipped her off. Thank goodness! Wish we could have see the two friends get back together in the episode, though. That would have been nice.

Lydia's mom finally comes! :)

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!