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NCIS: LA "Collateral" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The team investigate a murder of a retired CIA agent who turned rich!

Guy dies by lighting his cigarette. No, really, he does. He goes to light it and the lighter like blows up or something.

Kensi is a great shot! Way better then Deeks is anyways. Like usual, Deeks is not happy about that at all!

I would never ever call Sam a geek. You never know what he'd do to you. The whole team ends up teasing him about being a geek. 

Found out there's a swear jar. Good point Nell, how does Hetty afford all the tea there?

Hetty was acting very odd in this episode at first. That's, of course, before all the pieces came together and then we knew why. The guy that died at the beginning was apart of something that Hetty did and so was Granger! Now Hetty is the target and that's why she has gone missing. But she did leave clues for Callen and the team to find to find out where she was. 

The whole thing at the beginning was a trap to set up the CIA agent dying. The like party thing with the girls. Weird.

Nell having to break into Hetty's personal box that she was looking at earlier and Nell is not happy about doing that! Hetty normally finds out these kind of things some how. So hopefully her punishment isn't bad. :)

Brooks is dead with a message written in blood. Found a bomb was triggered to go off if Hetty found the body instead and went to move it. But thank goodness Callen (I think it was Callen) saw the wire in time, so no one got hurt. But it was a trap for Hetty and remember, she's missing right now.

Don't worry, they eventually find her. With her not happy about it, either. But they find her just in time because the bad guys got there, too! Huge shot scene happens. But everybody gets out alive (well, except the bad guys of course). Callen almost got shot, but Hetty saved him! 

Now I remember, it was the lady who was the bad guy. Because Hetty's team was responsible for killing the girl's dad.

James Bond marathon at Sam's house. LOL. Now back to the teasing of him being a geek again.

Granger and Hetty talking about both cases. Interesting when Hetty says that she didn't choose the life, but it chose her.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!