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NCIS: LA "Free Ride" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I remember not paying real good attention to this episode and I don't know why. Oops. Because I don't think I got really good notes.

Fight break out on a marine ship. That was random and odd. Couldn't find the special agent afloat, but they finally did, but he was dead. :( 

Eric and Nell in the closet and were interrupted by Hetty! Not that they were doing anything, though. Eric was just trying on a hat. Why they were in the closet, I have no clue. 

Hurray for Deeks being back! Like I said, I really missed him in the last episode. The show just wasn't the same without him. I'm surprised they didn't ask him where he'd been, though.

Both people involved in the fight had cocaine, but both don't use the stuff. So, either they were denying they had taken it or something major is happening.

The team is going undercover as apart of the crew. Everybody gets to be a marine of some sort, except for Deeks and he's not at all happy about that. He has to play some computer guy. But now we know why. Deeks would have had to have gotten a haircut, duh! Didn't think that before they said that!

Too funny with Callen and Sam who just happened to be standing under the mistletoe and realized it and then slowly backed up. That was too funny! Sam is worried that he can't be with his wife on Christmas. Thinks something bad is gonna happen to her.

First time Deeks has ever been on a marine plane. That's a little weird and he's worried about it, too.

Poor Nell, she's sad she can't be home on Christmas. So, Eric has to try and cheer her up. Knowing him, anyways.

Deeks ends up having an escort and so does Kensi! Deeks has a girl and Kensi has a guy and both are good looking, so of course, Deeks and Kensi are both jealous of each other then. I think we later find out that the guy working with Kensi likes her and kind of tells her that, but realizes he was way out of line.

Sam is really worried now. Can't get a hold of his wife. But later he did and found out she was at a friends house.

Well, Deeks found the actual crime scene, but then he got kidnapped and was almost a goner, but the team found them just in time. Thank goodness. 

Guy helping with the food is the one that was smuggling stuff on the ship and didn't think that the cocaine would leak into the food. Oh, he was using the paint or something, I can't remember.

Hetty is there on the ship and she got there by plane and is letting Sam go on it and he'd be back in time for Christmas! That was so cute and Sam picked up Hetty and hugged her! However, I don't think she liked that.

Nell ended up being the elf and Eric and Nell ended up being the ones standing under the mistletoe and they kissed! Hey, they were under a mistletoe, but it still counts! Best part of the whole show.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!