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NCIS "You Better Watch Out" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I have been waiting to blog about this episode for a while because I just loved it! 

Christmas episode and a surprise star that I didn't know was coming in: Tony's Dad! I love these episodes. They are just awesome. Tony however, is not happy that his Dad is coming home for the holidays. 

Lady comes home for the holidays and isn't happy to find out that her husband didn't put up any decorations. Come to find out that he'd been dead like right after she left. Really weird, right? She doesn't seem too upset about him being dead, though, which is even weirder.

Since Tony's Dad is coming in, he's been really distracted with working on the case. Even got a phone app to check on his Dad's flight and found out that it was delayed. Gibbs is not happy about the fact that Tony is so distracted. I'm surprised he didn't do the classic head slap to him. I was almost expecting it.

Abby's office was just awesome! Totally Christmas and I loved it. So Abby, too. LOL at Jimmy moving a few things around. I think she'd move them back once she noticed they were in the wrong spot. Found something in the guy's wallet. Really, really new money. 

The new money was a new invention sort of thing. But it didn't pass because it was too hard to print on. All the money was supposed to be destroyed, so how he got a hold of the money, we have no clue.

Tony's Dad made it! He doesn't want to stay at a hotel, but at Tony's house. 

Noel (I think that's his name) didn't die in the chair, he was a heavy drinker and died from a broken neck.

Ok, who else thought that Tony's apartment was so un-Tony? I was expecting like movie posters everywhere, a huge TV, etc. But nothing. The best part of the whole show, though was the name of his fish: Kate! Thought that was too cute to throw that in there for us fans. But for some reason, I don't think Kate would like being named after a fish.

Abby lifting prints from her ornaments. She used to do it when she was younger. So Abby and totally cute. 

Tony is really upset that he never got the signet ring that was handed down from his family (father-son). He thinks that his dad sold it to get more money.

Found out that McGee used to be a mascot at his old school. Why do I have a feeling that Tony is gonna tease McGee about this constantly? Seems like something he'd do.

Remember the neighbor that Tony didn't like at the beginning? Well, I kind of figured this right when they first met, but Tony's Dad and the neighbor got together in Tony's apartment and Tony walked in on them! Poor Tony. Now because of this, his Dad is leaving. :(

The bar owner is the bad guy! 

Tony is finally at work for the party and he's all upset about his Dad leaving. However, he didn't leave. I believe it was Gibbs who brought him back home to the building. Tony was really happy and they finally made up. Oh and remember the ring? His Dad gave it to him at the end! Knew that was gonna happen. :)

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!