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Once Upon A Time "Into The Deep" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Remember those dreams Henry keeps having? Well, now they can communicate with Mary and Emma! So, Henry wanting to be the hero in the show now, goes into the dream again to try and deliver some news to Aurora, but something happens before Henry can tell her! And by something happening, I mean, zombies. Earlier we saw Cora take out a heart of one of the dead guys on the ground and turned them into zombies to go after Emma and Mary! :(

Mr. Gold and Belle are apparently back together again. Was kind of surprised to see that, actually.

It's really odd that Henry was getting burns because of a dream and now Aurora is to. Both Regina and Mulan don't want them going under again because it's too dangerous. So now Mary and David are going under (without the other one knowing, of course). But they both have to be put under a sleeping curse. Mary is easy, David however, isn't. So sad what happens, too. :(

Aurora ends up getting kidnapped by Cora and guess who all the sudden turns up? Captain Hook! How'd he get out? But he saves Aurora. Wants to torture Cora. Or that's what he tells Aurora, anyways. Later, we find out that somehow Captain Hook knew how to take a heart from a person and Cora is now controlling Aurora! She'll lead them right into a trap and none of them know it!

Mulan tries to escape to get to Aurora, but thank goodness Emma and Mary get to her before she gets too far ahead. That's when they find Aurora. 

Poor David. Went under the curse for the first time and even Mr. Gold tried to warn him, but David wants to protect Henry. I thought for sure that Henry was gonna prick his finger right before David did, but he didn't. Now David is trapped in the sleeping curse until Mary can come back to Storybrooke and wake him with true loves kiss because they couldn't touch each other in the dream version. Now because of that, Mary is all upset now and is having a hard time concentrating. 

Just when I begin to start to like Hook, he turns bad. You think that he likes Emma, but that was just a trick, I think, anyways. It's hard to tell with him. Cora and Hook are back together as a team now.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the winter finale: