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Burn Notice "You Can Run" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Wow, amazing season finale! What a cliffhanger. Not my favorite cliffhanger, but still has me wanting to know what happens next! And it did get renewed! Wasn't sure if it did because I never saw on Facebook about it coming back. But it is, next summer!

Jason is back in this episode. Don't remember his character too well. It's been a while since I saw the older seasons. I just remember knowing that he was bad. Fiona isn't happy that he snuck out to see Jason without telling her.

Now they are trying to get on a crew ship to leave the country, I believe, is what's happening. Sorry, it's been a while since I saw the episode and there's only a few really important scenes that I remember really well.

Poor Jesse got arrested by horrible Olivia. She should be fired for what she did to Jesse. That was horrible. Making him think she had important info on his mom's murder (did not know that, found that out about him this season). Glad he never gave into her. That would have just been bad for everybody. Because she ended up not having anything about it.

Who else was like really mad when they shot Sam? I couldn't believe! Thought he was a goner. So glad he came through and that Fioan's ex-boyfriend came to help a little bit. Not much help, though because he needed to go to the hospital and they do eventually. 

When they went to the house I think that belonged to Calvin, nobody could sleep. There was this dog barking who stopped barking all of the sudden, but that's when Michael knew something was wrong and it was. Now Michael knows who is after them. Some cartel they busted a few years ago. All because of Olivia trying to do whatever it takes to get to Michael. 

Sam is finally getting into the hospital, but all apart of the "plan" I think. But he ends up getting arrested after his surgery, I'm assuming. Olivia is horrible yet again, but this time to Sam. Giving him something horrible that would make the pain more intense all because he won't help bring down Michael. I feel bad for Sam.

Finally, Michael gets to Olivia on the boat and makes her call the CIA! I'm not exactly sure what happened after that. Next thing you see is everybody is in jail, but you don't see Michael. Then they are "releasing" (not sure if they are, was a little confused during this last scene) everybody and you see Michael in a really nice suit and Fiona gets to go up to him first to talk to him to figure out what's going on. They don't tell us, though I have a couple theories. All we see is that Fiona like bursts into tears and she says like something like "No, that's what you wanted to do.". Here's my theories: 1. Either he turned in his friends and is the head of the CIA or 2. He turned himself in. I'm thinking he's the head of the CIA, just because of how dressed up he was. But I'm hoping he didn't turn in his friends. Well, that's my theory. What's your's?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!