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Castle "Significant Others" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Wow, how awkward was this episode? With Meredith and Kate staying in Castle's place! 

Alexis is not feeling well, so she had to cancel her trip to Paris with her mom and so surprise, she comes to visit her daughter instead! Meanwhile, Kate's house is being fumigated and is staying at Castle's place, too! Kate was not happy at all when he said that Meredith could stay. Though, she didn't really give him a choice.

Michelle is the victim we saw earlier getting stabbed with an ice pick and don't know why yet, but that's what Kate's and Castle's job is. :) Cory is Michelle's boyfriend, so talking to him about what happened.

Castle says that he's gonna "deal" with Meredith being at his place and like try and get her out of there and Laney doesn't think Kate should let him be the one who does it. She was right, because it didn't work.

Next, Castle tries to fix it again and this time, gets a really fancy hotel room for him and Kate and Kate is still mad and won't take the hotel and says that Meredith should be the one there, not them! Hey, if it was me, I would have taken the fancy hotel.

Also, had a very awkward morning with Kate, Meredith and Castle at breakfast.  This episode was just full of awkward moments.

Well, Cory's real name is actually Noah! And he's the killer, I think!

Rumor was it, that Mr. Piper killed his wife when they went on a trip a long time ago. No one could prove it. Then Michelle started digging into stuff and found out the truth! Jane is actually Leanne (Mr. Piper's wife) who changed her name and got remarried. She didn't die after all and that's why Michelle died. Leanne is actually the killer, I think, if I remember correctly.

Oh, forgot to mention the funniest part of the episode! Kate and Meredith have a girl date! Espositio and Ryan get Castle all nervous about it, too. Saying that they are gonna say horrible things about Castle and everything. But it actually turned out well and they had fun together! We finally know why Meredith and Castle broke up, though. He wasn't too open about himself like Meredith was to him. Now Kate is second-guessing the situation. Like, he wouldn't be open at all about his dad and stuff. I think it'd be interesting if we found out more about his dad.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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