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Hawaii Five-0 "Huaka'l Kula" (Field Trip) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This season has been very exciting and action packed and those are the kind of shows I love! This is probably my favorite show. Next to Pretty Little Liars, of course. :)

Camping trip with Grace and the Aloha Girls. Danny has to bring Steve on the trip and Danny feels sorry for that right away because of what he's teaching the girls to do. The girls however, seem to not have a problem with it at all and are all very happy and willing to learn what Steve teaches them. It's kind of cute, actually. Then, a little girl (Lucy) goes off for a few minutes and doesn't come back, so they go to look for her. She found a wounded man and brought him back to camp, but that's when the trouble starts.

Guy (Ron) turns out to be a bad guy. Was kind of thinking that because he started to act very strange when they mentioned they had more people with them. But, he pulled a gun on them and shot Danny and took Steve and Lucy with him!

Kono meets Adam at the airport and there's somebody watching them with a camera and everything. Kono meets Adam's brother: Michael who just got out of prison. At first, I thought that Michael was like interested in Kono, but later we find out that he knows that she's a cop. He probably has an eye for that sort of thing or he researched her out or something. I don't think I trust him at all. Especially since he was acting very strange at the end of the episode. Seeing them together in bed while Michael had Kono's gun in his hand and set it back down on the nightstand. I'm hoping he didn't use it. Oh, the FBI was the person who was taking pictures and Chin knows that Kono was meeting Adam's brother and isn't happy about it.

Wow, these girls are really smart! They were able to get out of the shed thing that Ron had locked them in (thanks to Grace) and they figured out how to "rebuild" the phones so that they could call for help and it worked! Got everybody out there and Danny and the nurse lady (don't remember her name) are now looking for Steve and Lucy. 

Ron is really crazy. Shoots an innocence bystander because they ran into him on the trail and he was worried about Lucy. You know who's even worse? His partner whom they run into later on after they find the bag of diamonds. Now Steve and Lucy are in real trouble. Oh, the other bad guy (didn't write down his name), shot Ron and now he's dead. 

Danny and Chin eventually find each other and eventually find Steve and Lucy and they are all happy and safe. 

Really cute at the end that Danny and Grace are camping in his house! At first, I was thinking they were gonna be outside in his backyard, but then you heard the doorbell ring. That was really funny at the end.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode (already aired):