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Hawaii Five-0 "Kapu (Forbidden)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Kid finds a body in the science lab after getting into some type of club. But it was a really gross way for this person to die. 

An actor I haven't seen in a while: Andy Lawerence! He is playing Danny's nephew (I think that's what he said), Eric. I didn't know he was gonna be in this episode. Danny has a really hard time with the kid because he has no life direction and is trying to change that in him. Danny eventually does, after having to yell at Eric a couple times. He decides to not be a cop, but somebody like Charlie, I think. Like in a science lab part of the process. 

Really random again is because Sang Min (is that his name) is back? I wasn't expecting him. And why was he back? Was it because he had a court date or something? He goes missing and Kono finds him outside his family's house. She promises to move him closer to his family and I think she keeps her promise.

Man, Danny's nephew is kind of smart! He was right about a few things in the episode and I think they were impressed. Joel (the dead guy), ended up growing something. It was like a plant that no longer existed, but they found some for his friend that needed it because it was gonna help with his son who had a weird disease, if I remember correctly. But some bad people got involved and Roth ended up being the bad guy who killed Joel and I believe it was over the plant.

Oh, this one was the one where the fans got to vote for the ending. Which I thought was a cool way to do a show. I don't think CBS has done this, yet. At least, not with the shows I watch on there. But if I actually watch TV live, I probably would have done that, but I don't or I rarely do. I usually wait until it's recorded to fastforward through the commercials. :) I don't even know what the other endings could have been like. Haven't looked at them, yet. But I like how this one ended. It was still cool of CBS to let the fans decide, though.

Sorry, still not taking the best of notes, yet. :)

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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