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NCIS: LA "Drive" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

A girl from Deeks' past gets kidnapped and the team tries to figure out why and tries to find her, too.

Very awesome episode. Mostly featured Deeks and Kensi, which are the two people I really like on the team. 

Deeks gets a strange phone call in the middle of the night and he seems to know this person. How, we don't exactly know how (I think it's explained, but I can't remember) and then she gets run off the road. Almost thought she was dead, but they got surveillance footage to show that she was ok, but kidnapped by whoever was following her. I guess normally Deeks is late to work, but he wasn't in this episode. Had been at work for hours before the team got there trying to figure out what happened to Jenny.

Then they figure out that Jenny was a bookkeeper and a very good one at that because that's how she got in trouble. So, Kensi goes undercover as Jaime's cousin to get into a crew as an car thief and she's good at her part! Jaime was a little suspicious at first, but I thought she pulled it off really well. 

Talia, Jenny's daughter that Deeks helped her with getting back (or something like that), wasn't too open to talk about her mother at first. But come to find out, she knew way more then what she was saying. Bad guys had gotten to her and told her to drop off her laptop at the park. Thank goodness Callen and Sam were still in their "LAPD gear" from helping with Kensi get into the crew when they saw Talia because she almost got hurt and kidnapped herself! But the bad guys didn't get the laptop, so they could research into it more. Found out that there was a file sent by an email from her mom that was voice activated and they finally find the code: a birthday card that her mom had sent her that played a song! 

Remember when Deeks and Kensi visited Mrs. Hall about her missing van and the worker that was outside that Kensi said hi to? Well, he ended up being the bad guy and that's how she got made at the end and Deeks being Deeks (loved him being the sign flipper, best part of the episode, if you ask me! It was hilarious), rushed into try and save Kensi or be a distraction so that Callen and Sam could get there. They did get there in time and all the bad guys got shot and died (yay!) and the found Jenny and she was fine and had a mother-daughter reunion.

After the whole case is done, we see Kensi making a very mysterious dinner reservation and we don't know what for. Then we find out that it was Deeks' birthday! Deeks thought the dinner was for him, but it turned out that it was a dinner date with Jaime (well, he did save Kensi's life) and she met his mom! Uh oh, I think Jaime had more on his mind with this date! Kensi felt very uncomfortable. I think she was wishing it was Deeks instead.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode (surprise guest in this episode, I'm so excited!):

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