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NCIS: LA "Paper Soldiers" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Guy breaking into some department place to steal a file. Didn't see what it was in time, so wasn't too sure about what he was breaking into. 

Deeks knows that Kensi isn't her happy self because of the type of music she was listening to when she came in and he was right! All because she is a plant killer. LOL

Eric being a mime. LOL Nobody likes it too much. He's not that great, yet.

Stewart is the dead guy. The one that died after stealing the file and learn to find out it was an autopsy report. Odd that somebody would die because of that.

Mrs. Piretto is saying that her husband was not killed where the marine is saying that he was killed. I think she was right (obviously) because all the people that were looking into it are dead. Trying to hide something, you think?

Found out that Deeks used to be a public defender! I can actually kind of see that, though Kensi couldn't picture that at all.

Rose is back! She's such a cute character on the show. The case gets even weirder. The guy that died ended up not be a donor, even though he donated stuff. His wife not happy about that at all.

Nate is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it how they have him every once in a while. I really miss his character. It wasn't really important, but I still really liked him a lot. But he's there for psych evaluations and nobody is happy about that. After people left, Eric spilled the fact that he and Nell kissed! Not sure why he blurted that out, but he did and Nell wasn't too happy about that.

Edwin was the body that had the tissue taking away. Stewart was the guy after the file of Edwin to find out what happened.

LOL at Callen telling Nate a false story and then he realized it after he walked away. Learned from Nate that it took him three years to finally ask out the girl he liked (come to find out later that it was Rose that he finally asked out!).

Funeral home owner was the one that was the bad guy! Too funny of Nate and Hetty going undercover on this one. Sam got in big trouble for "mouthing" off to her undercover, though. I kind of figured he was gonna get in trouble with that. Especially when he called her short! They got the bad guy, though and Edwin getting a proper burial and Callen and Sam are there, too.

Nate talking to Rose apologizing for interrogating her about the case when they thought she was involved (glad she wasn't!) and she was very upset by that fact, but it doesn't look like they make up. I feel bad for Nate. He was just doing his job and he didn't have much choice.

Edwin was killed during a classified investigation. That's why nobody could find out what happened.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!