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NCIS "Shabbat Shalom" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I think "Tear Jerker" is a more apt title for this episode. Really sad. Two people die. They certainly kept this episode a real good secret! Gonna say who in a few minutes....

Father-son fishing trip. Son not too happy about having to go fishing. Especially since it's winter. But then the dad "catches" something. It's an ear, I believe. So, NCIS comes and all the cops come and now the son is enjoying the trip and even thanks his dad for it!

Tony, McGee and Ziva are all cleaning out the storage place (or whatever they call it) of old case clothes. Kind of funny, them remembering their old cases. Like the time when Ziva had to be pregnant.

But the dead guy wasn't actually the name on that they first thought. Ended up being a journalist and he knew someone that looked like him, so Tyler (his real name), took the Petty Officer's ID, but they don't know for what. Now they have a problem with the guys he worked with because they are all saying that they killed him. That's what happens when you put all the suspects in the same room.

Thought it was odd that we saw Ziva outside of work and at the gym no less! But then she gets really suspicious of a car in the parking lot and you'll never guess who is in it! Her dad! So shocked to see him. Didn't know he was returning. Haven't seen him in a while. I don't believe her dad for one minute that he was in town just to visit her and to make amends and I'm glad I didn't believe him, either. He was to not be trusted at all.

McGee found Abby's first spy glasses. That part was funny. Tony is my favorite, but I love it when they finally get to Abby in the episodes.

Even though Eli told Ziva not to tell anybody that he was in town, I think it was good of her to tell Gibbs. Gibbs is definitely the person to trust.

Guess who else we see in this episode that we haven't seen in a while? Jackie! Vance's wife! Have a special dinner date planned, but Vance has to rearrange it a little because of the strange meeting that Ziva, Gibbs, Vance, Eli and some other guy have and so Ziva and Eli come to visit.

First, we have a sweet father-daughter moment between Eli and Ziva. Next thing we know, she's accusing him of murder (and she was right) and could hardly sit across from him at the dinner table. I'm not sure why he killed Tyler. I can't remember and I didn't write it down, oops. Maybe we didn't find out, I can't remember. So much happened all of the sudden! Actually after he had given thanks, she got up and left and this is when the sad part happens.

Thank goodness Ziva stepped outside to call Gibbs and tell him who the real killer was. Because next thing you know, the whole place inside is getting shot up! Was not expecting that to happen at all. Ziva of course, runs after the bad guy and wounds him and he has a poisoned cigarette and that's how he dies, but she doesn't know what happened inside. It was horrible, too. I felt so bad for Ziva when she walks into the house and finds her father shot dead on the floor and goes over to him. That part was horrible. But it gets worse. First thought that Vance was gonna be hurt, but I'm sorry, they can't lose another director again. Just finally getting used to this one. But somebody else was hurt. His wife. :( And she doesn't make it. :( Gibbs, Tony and McGee (a few minutes later Ducky and Abby - no Jimmy in this episode, sad about that, too) are all at the hospital and Gibbs is the first one to know about Jackie. It ends on a sad note, but it was still a very good episode and "To be continued", too. I'm wondering if this is gonna set up a major storyline that will be dragged out until the season finale (though it's a little early for that still) or what. I could see that, but it looks like it could be concluded next week.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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