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NCIS "Shiva" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

"Conclusion" of last weeks episode. Very sad two episodes, but if you think about it, this show has never really been a happy series. They've always had someone die. I've lost count on how many main or important characters have died on this show. Not really a conclusion, seeing as they didn't really conclude anything. Killer is still out there.

Flashback of Ziva as a little kid with her dad, saying something in her language and then saying the samething in the present. She's not happy about what's going on in her life at all. Tony (well, McGee) finds her because they are worried about her.

Replacement director is coming in for a few days. Up until Vance is ready to come back.

Ducky isn't doing too well these days. He never likes having to do an autopsy on his own people.

Ziva seeing Abby to see if she can give her any news. She can't really give her news, but she tries her best to do it. 

I don't trust Eli's partner. The one that was from the bad side that wanted to turn everything good. I can't remember if they ever solved that he wasn't involved or not.

Tony taking Ziva in and having her stay with him until they find out what's going on because she could not be safe, either. So, seeing Tony's place again which like I said before, is so un-Tony. Ziva is having nightmares and she doesn't want to talk to anybody about what happened. But I don't think that's right. Kind of had some Tony and Ziva moments. Not big ones, but just little ones here and there. Loved that!

Found out that the bad guy worked for the Swedish. 

Then we found out that Eli's protege (also on Covert Affairs and plays basically the same character, thought that was funny, kind of like him on both even if he is a bad guy!) is the bad guy! Not really sure how he fits in, but we know he's involved and now Ziva's mad. Thought he was gonna go after Ziva, but he never showed, so almost shot Tony and Gibbs. Loved the lines Tony and Ziva exchanged during that scene! Too hilarious.

Let Kazmi go and then he blows up! Um....he must be involved then, right?

Ziva going home to burry her father with her old friend that Tony invited (that was so sweet of him!) and Tony there to say goodbye to her, but to warn her not to go because she could be in danger. He's so worried for her. But does anybody know what he said to her at the end? Have no idea even where to begin to guess what he said! Wish they had like the words pop up in english like they do, sometimes. Unless that's something that'll be said later on.

One person I'm surprised that hasn't been in these two very important episodes is Jimmy! I miss his character everytime he's not on the show. He so needs to be a main character! :)

Funerals for both Eli and Jackie.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!