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Once Upon A Time "The Outsider" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Mr. Gold figured out a way to get across the line in Storybrooke without losing your memory! Yay! But he only uses it for him. Don't think that's fair.

Funeral for Jiminey. If they only knew that he was still alive....Then we see Hook torturing him. Poor guy. :( 

Anybody ever wonder why Mr. Gold's boy never came to Storybrooke with him? I just find that strange since everybody came to town, except for him. I wonder who and where he is and if he remembers?

Missed what Belle and Grumpy/Dreamy were talking about at the beginning when they switched to the fairytale world. Why was Belle wanting to go on the wagon with those guys? Well, whatever it was, she tricks them to go in the wrong direction and she finds whatever they were looking for. An animal of some sort and it almost kills her and guess who pops up? Mulan! She saves her and Belle helps her find the beast. Belle does and has to go down there and kill it herself because Mulan is injured and she finds out that the animal is actually a person! Aurora's husband, if I remember correctly.

Thought that Belle was in big trouble there for a second because she was in the library and Hook was in there, too! Not good. Traps her in an elevator, but she calls Mr. Gold and he comes to get her. Hook is gone, though and later we find out that he had gone to Mr. Gold's place to take the potion that would help Mr. Gold cross the line. 

Henry is having a hard time with the Regina stuff going on. Poor kid. Man are they all gonna feel sorry when they find out that it really wasn't Regina! 

Dwarves want to go home now because they know that the forest exists, but Emma isn't sure about it and I don't think there's a way for them to get home. They are feeling home sick. :(

Belle is really brave in this episode. Made me really like her. She found out how Hook got there! Found the hidden ship and found Jiminey and let him go! Yay! But then Hook returns and traps Belle and grabs the gun that Mr. Gold had given her. Not good. Hook is telling Belle another side of the story that Mr. Gold had told her, but if I remember right, he wasn't giving her the full truth.

Oh, Emma decided to give Henry Pongo! How cute! Also, a few scenes later, Jiminey comes to Emma's place with Henry and Henry is soooo happy to see him! :)

Mr. Gold comes to rescue Belle (again) and really wants to kill Hook, but Belle talks him out of it. 

Now something really horrible happens (again, this show likes doing this stuff to characters, don't they?). Hook shows up with the gun while Mr. Gold and Belle are at the line and he's already walked over and saying goodbye to Belle and Hook shoots her and she falls over the line and now she doesn't remember! Ugh, so mad about that because I was really starting to like her! :( But I think Hook died because they got a visitor. Which is weird because they never get visitors and he ran into Hook (with the car). Wonder who it is that came? That's how it ended.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode: