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Suits "Blind-Sided" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode was awesome, especially at the end. I was just so happy with Mike's decision about stuff.

Mike is still with Tess. Why, I have no clue. She's married and he knows it and it's just bad. But whatever.

Harvey asks Zoey out. It doesn't exactly go bad, but it doesn't go great for him. First date was a little interrupted because Zoey's niece had to come and visit, but Harvey didn't mind. They still worked around it. Then he tried asking her out again, but found out that her brother has cancer (the little girl's dad) and has to go down to where he is at and take care of the little girl. Harvey was unhappy about that.

Now Mike is telling Rachel about Tess and that she's married. Rachel told him that it isn't a good idea to do that because she's been there before. 

Harvey and Mike's case: Liam got in a car accident and hurt the other driver pretty badly. But they didn't know it at first because it was a hit and run. Then they find out that the person Liam hit was dressed in all black and running from a crime scene! So, now Liam is in the clear. But later, he and Mike are talking about being high and stuff and then Mike finds out that Liam was high the night he hit the driver! This isn't good. What's really bad, is that Mike was also high when he was talking to Liam about being high just then. Just goes from bad to worse. Because now Liam could possibly be in trouble. But Katrina doesn't do anything about it! All because Harvey bribed her with a job. Also, the guy that Liam hit, ended up dying!

Oh, the lady that Louis wanted to higher knew that Mike wasn't in Harvard! This isn't good. That's why Jessica told Louis that there was a highering freeze. To save Mike, again.

Then Mike finally listened to himself. He told Liam that he had to quit getting high and doing all this bad stuff. And Mike did it himself! Quit being with Tess and quite getting high! I was so happy for him, that he finally decided to stop that! He told Rachel that he quit the stuff, but Rachel doesn't care anymore. Which, I guess is good, but I feel a little sad because they still like each other.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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