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Suits "Blood In The Water" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Loved that Mike was vacuuming up his pot. I wonder where he was at, though? He was a half an hour late to work and Harvey wasn't happy about that! He yells at Mike a lot in this episode.

Donna is hilarious. Glad she's back. Trying to figure out why Harvey is acting like he is.

Mike is at the bar, Jimmy, old friend, left his lawfirm and then is now asking Mike to! But Mike can't. He just can't tell anybody why. With him being late in this episode, I was almost thinking he wasn't gonna show up and actually go to Law school, but maybe not yet.

Allison is now taking clients and lawyers from Pearson and Hardman! This isn't great for them. It's weird, but hoping they can put a stop to this.

I felt so bad for Harold! Louis never really liked him. Mike tried to go to bat for him and Louis said that Mike could save Harold, but only if he helped him along with doing stuff for Harvey. Mike knew he couldn't, so he told Harold it didn't work out. But not to worry. Mike in the end, gets him a job at the place that Jimmy is working at.

Harvey just never really liked Louis. Also, he seems to be yelling at everybody in this episode, too. Now yelling at Louis. Thinking it's him who is betraying the company and helping Allison. Now Louis wants to quit because he thinks that everybody wants him to leave. Which isn't true. Jessica doesn't want Louis to leave when he goes to talk to her about it. Saying that her and Harvey do not see eye to eye about that. So, is Louis really gonna leave? They make you think so. But Mike walks into work all beat up because Tess's husband finds him and beats him. Louis helps Mike get a little patched up and tells Mike that he's leaving. But I think Mike said he doesn't want him to leave. I think that's what I got from that, at least. 

Allison had the nerve to offer Harvey a job! Now she tells him something about his name not being on the door. It doesn't get to him, at first, but then it does and he asks Jessica if it can be on the door. Jessica doesn't think his name is worthy of being up there because of what he has done to Louis. 

Harvey decided to rip up Louis' resignation letter right in front of Louis! I was surprised at that, actually.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode: