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The Lying Game "Advantage Sutton" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Episode starts off right where it ended last week. Ethan at Sutton's cabin. And he regrets what happened the night before and Sutton feels sad about it. 

I am just so confused on the whole Jordan/Laurel thing. Especially now. Didn't Rebecca say something that he has to keep getting to know her and go out with her and stuff? So, maybe she is forcing him to like her. Not really sure why, though.

The teacher found out that Ethan cheated and now he has to do a test the next morning so he can pass the class and graduate! Thanks to Emma, it happens.

Thayer found a phone in their house and it turned out to be the one that the person called from to Jessica to go set up Alec! Thayer is convinced that Alec is setting himself up. I don't even know why and if that even makes any sense, but because of the phone and the alibi Alec has (he was with Thayer), he is getting to out of jail! Nobody is happy about that. I'm not even sure what to think about this.

Uh oh, Thayer finds out that Emma was with Ethan the night Emma and Thayer were supposed to get together. So now that relationship is on the rocks. I feel bad for Emma. She was just trying to help Ethan out (the right way).

Oh yeah, the huge tennis match between Emma and Sutton! Emma thinks that Sutton is just helping her out, but little does she know, she's just really trying to get her old life back! So, they make a beat on whoever wins, gets to go to the tournament and whoever loses has to actually stay in the cabin for however long the tournament is, I think. Emma has to forfeit because Thayer is leaving and she's gonna try to convince him to stay. So, knowing Sutton, she's gonna figure out a way to keep Emma in the cabin for good and get Sutton's old life back. But I think her family is gonna notice a huge change in her again. Especially Laurel. Oh, Thayer does end up leaving, as far as we know.

Now I feel bad for Laurel. She really likes Jordan and I think Mads should have told her the truth about what happened the first time her and Jordan met. Because they do have feelings for each other, which is gross because they are related now! They kiss because he visits her at home and Laurel sees it and then Mads sees her! So sad. :(

Rebecca was in on the murder! But who was she talking to? Whoever it was, she was mad that they were in Flagstaff and not where they were supposed to be at.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode: