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White Collar "Brass Tracks" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

More story opens up about James (Neal's Dad) past. Finds a Senator who used to work on the police force with James back in the day, when all of the bad stuff between James went down. I think the Senator is involved, they just have a really hard time proving it.

So, the Senator is coming to New York and Peter some how sets it up for him to come to the FBI office to meet him. Not sure how he does it, but he does it and Neal and Peter both suspect that he's into something, so they try to dig further. Neal starts to get more personal while talking to the Senator and Peter asks him to leave the room. This gives Neal time to call the Senator's assistant to distract her so that he can see the Senator's schedule. 

Peter I guess is deciding to let his boss know about the case with Neal and the Senator. I'm not sure why they are involving him, but it doesn't end too well for him. Later, we see the two at Peter's house talking and Elizabeth hears the whole conversation, which makes her worried about Peter. I don't blame her.

Nice with the barber shop switch with the phone. But it was hilarious when Mozzie called while the Senator had Neal's phone (when they were trying to get  a tracker or something in it, can't remember) and Mozzie thought right on his feet to through him off. Good for him!

Mozzie and the key and Jones. That part was too funny as well! "Mozzie doesn't play well with others"-Neal. That quote is true. Mozzie doesn't. He's not at all happy having an FBI person having to come with him to figure out the key. Tries to pull a fast one on Jones, but Jones is faster then that and catches on and he hides and comes back and gets what the guy told Mozzie. So now Peter knows and Neal thinks he doesn't know. Mozzie also made a duplicate key and Jones caught it and made the switch or something.

I believe it was the Senator (or the guy working with the Senator), who broke the break line on Peter's car! He got into a major accident and is in the hospital the rest of the show. He's fine, but Elizabeth is even more worried for him now and telling Neal to not involve Peter anymore with the case and Neal is not happy about that. Neal lies to Peter, but Peter figures that out right away. 

They were thinking that they could catch the Senator with Edward (his partner in crime, I think), but when the truth comes out about Edward, the Senator just cuts him lose and takes the win! Then Neal shows up (and they have a hidden camera on the Senator so Peter sees this happen) and is not happy about the key. The Senator threatens Neal and the FBI. The FBI boss ends up being fired (I think or let go)! This can't be good. 

So now, the key. Mozzie and Neal and Jones and Peter trying to figure out what it could go into (without the other two knowing that each has a key) and they both figure out that the key isn't a key, but like a map sort of! The key groves are of a city skyline! Not New York, but now they have to figure out what city! Kind of interesting. I wonder where it'll lead them? Now Neal thinks that they are a step ahead of Peter, but what a surprise that's gonna be when he figures out that they aren't. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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