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Castle "Hunt" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This is one of the best Castle's ever! Just as amazing as the first part of the two parter. 

So, the parents of Sara had nothing to do with the girls being kidnapped. I was thinking it was gonna be something with them, but it was something much bigger. The parents did get Sara back, but thinking that both girls were gonna get returned, but when they didn't, Castle took the situation into his own hands.

But nobody knew it quite yet. He left the station, told his mom that he was working there and told Kate that he was going home to tell his mom about what was happening. When in reality, he took his passport and went to Paris! Kate and Castle's mom found out when Kate went home to see what was going on with him. Neither one was too happy about that at all.

Loved Ryan's line "So, he thinks he's Liam Neesen now?". Thought it was gonna be like Taken, but it wasn't and I'm happy. Not that I didn't like Taken, but I don't like knock offs. It was a whole different story!

Didn't trust the guy that Castle was working with that he met at the church from the beginning and it was good because he was bad! He was gonna kidnap Castle at the money exchange or kill him or something if a mysterious stranger hadn't killed all of Castle's captures. Castle knew immediately that the exchange was off when he didn't see Alexis. But the guy that killed everybody, got Castle out of there alive.

Jackson was the guy that saved Castle. I thought it was funny when Jackson shot his phone while he was talking to Kate! And the fact that Castle was all worried about it, but almost forgot his money! 

Now we go to Jackson's place and he has a bunch of pictures of Alexis and Castle doesn't know why, yet. But that's when he finds out: Jackson = Castle's Dad! Not too big of a surprise since you saw it in the commercial, just didn't know who it was gonna be. But it was still awesome! Especially knowing that he's always watched his son from the beginning, just was hidden away except for one time in the library when Castle asked for Casino Royale and that book is what inspired him to be a writer! His dad is a fan of his son's books! 

But his dad is a spy! A very good spy. That's why Alexis was taken because the bad guys found out they were related and that's the way they could call him out. Jackson found out where Alexis was at and couldn't go in without Castle. Plan was going fine until Castle got caught! Then saw Alexis when he got inside! That's when we figured out it was all apart of the plan! Castle was given a spy gadget (I'm sure he was thinking it was kind of cool) because it got Alexis out of the cage and they got out fine! While guys were getting killed. That part was just awesome! Kind of hard to explain what was happening, though. But at first, I was thinking that one of them was gonna die because neither one would know if the other was gonna get out alive. However, at Castle and Alexis' welcome home party, there was a package waiting for Castle and it was Casino Royale! So, then he knew that Jackson got out fine. Now I just wanna know if at the end when he said "Mom, I have to tell you something..." was he gonna tell her about his dad? I think he was. If so, I hope they let us know how she took it. I think she deserves to know what happened to him.

Did you love this episode as much as I did or not? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode:

(taking a 3 week break, so no promo for it yet, but I saw it and it looks good, yet again!)