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Castle "Reality Star Struck" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Very popular reality star is murdered, Hanna. Man, whoever killed her, used a very pricey weapon. Ryan tends to be late a lot in this episode. Not quite sure what's going on with him. Did he say something like his wife was sick or something? I was a little confused with that. Found out Hanna had a hard time with her family and then we found out from her brother, that she had an affair!  It was also broadcasted on the reality show, since it had to do with that.

Found out Hanna did a weekly cash deposit of $5,000! Wow. That's a lot of money. Wonder where it came from? 

Didn't really like Penelope, but she ended up not being the murderer. But I kind of like the actress because she's also on USA's "Suits". Pretty main character there. Kind of funny seeing her in a different role when I wasn't expecting to see her in Castle! :)

Forgot to say that the Captain has Kate and Castle watch the show to get some research in. Kate doesn't really like it. But Castle gets hooked on it and watches it like all night! But what's really funny is that the Captain and Castle have something in common and start talking about it like crazy! Kind of funny. Also, the Captain is hooked on the show, too.

It's Kates and Castle's first Valentine's Day! So, you know that's gonna mean some kind of trouble for the two. Castle's mom gave him the cool idea (it was cool, at the time) to put Kate's present (a pair of very expensive, pretty, earrings), in her coat pocket to surprise her! Well, Castle ends up doing that, but what's really bad, is that he puts it in the wrong coat pocket! Guess who's coat he ended up putting it in? The Captains! This isn't good. He can't remember if he put Kate's name on the note or not. He tells Kate about what happened and she's not at all happy. But they have to solve the crime first before they can do anything about the earrings.

First I was thinking it was gonna be the brother, then I was thinking it was gonna be Margo's son and didn't really see this coming, Margo's son was in love with Hanna and not the girl that they were pairing him with on the show! So, his fiance (I believe) on the show found out that he liked Hanna and saw them together, she followed Hanna and ended up killing her! 

Oh, remember the affair Hanna was having? Ended up being a scam for the show. I think that might have had partly to do with the murder, but not really. 

Also, the earrings. Almost forgot to say something about it! Well, Castle was gonna take them out of the Captain's coat pocket, but they realized that she had already seen them because the pocket was empty! So, then she calls Castle into her office and he gets a nasty lecture about the note and the present. I thought that she had given the earrings back to Castle, but either she didn't or she did and Castle decided to get something else for Kate since the Captain had seen the present. That would make sense. Because Castle decides to try and get something else for Kate. I wonder if we will find out what that other present ends up being? Also, the Captain thought that Castle had a thing for the Captain and thank goodness he didn't end up putting Kate's name on the card!

Kate gave Castle a drawer in her house for Valentine's Day.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the very exciting two parter (first part airs tonight and Molly Quinn = Alexis will be live Tweeting during it!):