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Hawaii Five-0 "Hookman" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Did not know that this was a remake episode of an original "Hawaii Five-0", but it was really good! However, I did not watch the original before the remake. 

I felt like there was a different feel to the episode and now I know why. It was because it was a remake. But it was cool how they did it. Kind of figured right away that the bad guy that was walking through the graveyard to get to the right spot to kill somebody and you kind of figured it was somebody in the funeral line and then I figured it was probably gonna be the police man and I was right! But what I didn't know, is that Steve knew the guy. Steve took his death pretty hard because it was his dad's like best friend.

Hookman (that's what they call the bad guy) doesn't have real hands and later we find out why when Steve puts it all together. 

Something I didn't know and found out from Charlie in tonight's episode that I thought was interesting is how we write "o's". I never knew that. But it was cool to learn that! And glad to see that Charlie was a little more involved in the episode, too. Kind of bummed that they never went anywhere with the Charlie and Kono relationship. Remember back in season 2 (I think it was) where they liked each other?

Some of my favorite Danny/Steve lines were said in this episode! My two favorite being: Danny "If you wanna get shot, I'll shoot you" to Steve and another favorite: "Do you have your belt on?" Steve to Danny "Of course I do, you're driving!" Danny to Steve. I think whoever writes these lines has fun doing it. :)

At first, I thought it was odd when Hookman was selling his gun to the other guy, but then it all made sense when they came to that guys' house thinking it was the actual guy they were at. Then a major shootout happened and Steve is just really crazy in this episode (well, when is he not?) and goes in and smokes the guy out of the house (while the shooting is still going on)! After they get that guy (Steve shoots him and he dies), one of the other officers was shot and died, too. But thanks to Max, we learn that the shooter was not the one that they were shooting at, but he was somewhere else. Thanks to Charlie, we figure out where the guy was hiding and learn that Hookman was there. So, it was a trap to get another police man killed. Now Steve is really mad.

This time we finally see who Hookman writes on his bullet and this isn't good. It's Steve and he has no clue, either! :(

They get a call from a gun shop owner about the bullet casings. LOL at Danny and the guy in the shop. He was soooo annoyed at Danny. It was actually kind of funny. Then, they find out the scary truth that he didn't end up calling them down there and that's when Steve realizes that it was another trap! But not that he's the target, yet. They find out where Hookman was stationed. Then a huge car chase happens. Bad guy lands in the ocean, but didn't find his body. But he had to leave one of his fake arms behind and that's when Steve puts two and two together. Found out that his dad was in on a bank robbery with the guy (Curt/Hookman) and Steve's dad shot off Curt's hands and now he's out for revenge. That's why all these cops that Steve knows are dying.

Finally find Hookman's room where he was staying at or whatever it was and this is when Steve realizes that Hookman is after Steve, too! He's there watching the building. Calls into the room and tells Steve where to find out who is next. Now Steve does something crazy (yes, again). He decides to get into the car and drive away! Telling Kono to take the shot when she has it (on the bad guy). Man, that was a crazy thing for him to do, right? But it worked because Kono is a great shot and got the bad guy! Now this is the time when Steve finds the bullet with his name (after the guy is dead, though). Thank goodness the case is closed. 

Something cool/odd happened at the end, though. Steve was like seeing the two officers that died that day and his dad (I think if I got that right) all saying thanks to him and his dad said that he was proud of him! That was a little weird, but cool. 

On a side note: First episode of this series (at least that I know of) to not have an Hawaiian language theme title, but to have it in English. Not sure why.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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