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Hawaii Five-0 "Pa'ani (The Game)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Shootout was a drill. But a murder really happened there, so Steve and his team go and investigate to figure out what happened.

Probowl is happening in Hawaii right now. Danny is like obsessed with Peyton Manning. Steve and Danny argue about who's the best player. Danny got really good tickets for the game and Kamekono got one for him and invited himself! Kind of funny. Later, we find out that Catherine wanted to surprise Steve with tickets to the game, too, but she was disappointed that he had tickets with Danny. Was gonna have a tale gate party, but never got to because it was interrupted with the case that Steve was on. Then Steve got injured while chasing after a bad guy and had to go to the hospital. Danny decided to go with him and skip the game and then he noticed that Kono with Catherine instead and they were on the field! That's where her tickets were! Max went with Kamekono. Danny was upset he couldn't be there. Later, they do go to the field after the game. Catherine got a signed football from Peyton Manning for Danny and they played with it on the field. I thought for sure something bad was gonna happen with the ball, but nothing did. Thank goodness.

Found out that at the bar Scott was at, he met one of the workers, Holly, that wasn't her real name. Her real name ended up being Lana. She was working for a guy that was trying to a get flash drive that was from Scott's computer. I'm not sure what it was supposed to have on it, but I think they were creating something maybe and it wasn't working? I can't remember. But Leah's sister was supposed to send it to the newspaper if she didn't call her at 2:00, so either way, the company would be found out anyways. It ended up being the boss that had come to check up on his employees! Wasn't expecting him. 

Danny was trying to tell Steve how important that Fantasy football was or something like that. Didn't quite understand that. I think Danny was saying that it was more important then normal football or harder. I'm with Steve, I think the actual game is harder. 

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Here's the promo for the next episode:

(There is none, they took a break)