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Lying Game "Bride and Go Seek" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Theresa is missing and the hunt for her begins. People are quick to think that maybe she got cold feet, but Dan knows her better then other people and I don't think that Theresa would run out like that. But they are making it look like she could have run out. Especially when Dan and Ethan go to Theresa's house to see if she was there. Whoever took her, cleared out her clothes and left her wedding ring! But they do find her wedding vows in her car and Dan reads them and knows that she didn't leave willingly. I really hope she's not dead. Oh, Ethan had to call of the wedding. 

Jordan says that he's done with Rebecca and accepts Alec's help to help him be done with having to do stuff for Rebecca. But I don't understand. How Alec wants him to stop helping Rebecca is to have him continue to help Rebecca? Jordan slowly tells Mads the truth about some stuff. Jordan is the one that called from Flagstaff. Jordan also knows about the twins and told that to Mads! How he knew that Mads knew about the twins, I have no clue.

Sutton is finally not trusting Rebecca! But can we trust Sutton when she comes clean to Emma about working with Rebecca and about telling her Rebecca's plan to get back together with Ted? I don't know if this is really the truth or if this is another part of the "plan" with Sutton and Rebecca.

Kristen and Alec have a "date". Kristen knows it's wrong, seeing as he's still married and she hasn't officially gotten a divorce. But they both look really happy to be together. They go to a hotel room, but Kristen just gets really uncomfortable with the situation and so she decides to leave.

What was up with Ted? He was acting very crazy during the last few scenes. Looking for his hospital badge or whatever. Now we know why he was acting so angry. He goes to the cemetery and Emma had gotten there early and found what he was looking for! Is he the one who killed Derek? I hope not! And I hope he didn't hurt Theresa. I wonder if he does know who killed Derek and is feeling guilty about it and is leaving the flowers, possibly?

Thought we'd see Theresa like in the end of the episode and leave off with who has her, but I guess they want to save that for later. I am thinking it might not be Ted, but I just don't know who it is if it's not him. Whoever it was, Theresa knew them and was shocked it was them.

Oh, I thought it was so sweet that Laurel liked the fact that Emma started searching for her parents because she found Emma and that they are half sisters and friends!

Oh, what was up with the cryptic meeting with Thayer and Alec and before that, what did Alec mean by "It'll all be clear to Thayer really soon"? I have no idea what's that supposed to mean! Any guesses? 

Did you love or hate the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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