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Lying Game "Catch Her In The Lie" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

It took Laurel a long time to finally be ok with Emma lying to her about the twins. At first, she blew up at Emma at the hospital. Emma was worried that she was gonna spill the beans because Laurel was so mad at Emma, but she never did and finally agreed to help Emma!

Sutton invited Ethan to the flip side formal. Which was good, because this worked right into Emma's little plan.

Since Emma now knows that Rebecca is her mom and is working with Sutton, she's gonna pretend to be Sutton (if she can pull it off) and see if Rebecca tells all to Sutton who would actually be Emma if it had actually played out like that. Thayer drove the limo that Ethan never got into and kidnapped Sutton. So, Ethan ended up taking Emma to the formal (which wasn't good since he still has feelings for her, which I'm sure that's why he agreed to help with the plan), but it all goes wrong. Sutton gets away from Thayer and finds her way to Rebecca before Emma had a chance to get to her. Also helped that Emma got distracted with the money issue. Kristen had found a bunch of money that was taken from their banking account about the time that Rebecca was in town and is wondering what happened to it. Emma figured out that the money was to keep Derek quiet and that Ted is her dad? How she figured that last part out, I have no clue. She's right, but I still don't know how she figured that all out with the money.

Also not good is Alec seeing Kristen. Why? I don't know. They almost kiss, too, but he leaves before he does anything. It was just to tease her. Does he like Kristen? I'm so confused! It seems like the couples keep changing in this show and it's hard to keep track!

Ethan and Mads meet up again. It is strange how they always run into each other after Mads is upset. New couple alert?

Also, Sutton broke up with Ethan! Good, but this can't be good for Emma.

Thayer and Emma at the end with a "moment". :) I really do love this couple. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode: