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Lying Game "Regrets Only" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Wow, so much is happening all the sudden! Emma is now having second thoughts about her and Thayer especially after they slept together. But I really like Thayer. Not sure if I want her to go back to Ethan. She just has a really hard time in this episode and Sutton knows, too! Which this can't be good. But Thayer doesn't want Emma to tell Ethan anything about what she found out the night before.

It gets really bad because Sutton now knows that Laurel knows about the twins!  She was in her room when Emma and Laurel walked in and hid and listened to their conversation. Also knows that they know Rebecca is Emma's real mom. Plays it off later on that she was surprised to find that out for the first time, but Emma doesn't buy it for a second. 

Why doesn't Rebecca want Jordan to spend time with Alec? Is she afraid he'll reveal something? But Jordan still agrees no matter how hard Rebecca fights for it. Not sure how that went, either. Alec does know that Jordan likes Mads.

Anyways, Sutton does start to ask questions to Rebecca about the Derek situation and I think Sutton is getting very suspicious of her. I wonder if that's partly why she called Theresa. 

Kristen kissed Alec! Rebecca saw it too and so she saw a huge in for getting to Ted and she told him! Ted and Alec had a huge fight. Ted hit Alec and Alec wants to be there for Kristen! Ted then later comes to Kristen's house and asks her about it. She gets all mad and decided to file for divorce and had the papers there and gave them to him and Laurel heard all of this and is very upset now!

Laurel and Mads had a little heart to heart at the wedding party before she went on to play because she had a melt down with Ethan's speech. Then she decides to tell Ethan that Emma still has feelings for him? I don't know if that was her place because then Ethan goes to Emma's room and she comes in and he confesses to her that he likes her and they kiss! Now I'm sure she's really confused. I think she needs to tell Thayer about what she's thinking. 

Oh yeah, forgot to say that Ted texted Rebecca that he needed to see her and told her about the divorce and now he kissed her! She was happy, but tried to say that she wants to do it the right way and that she's done some bad stuff, but so has he. So, what has he done in the past? Also, Ted doesn't know that Sutton has a twin, but with how he reacted in the hospital when Laurel brought it up, I think he does. He knew Rebecca was pregnant and that Sutton is his daughter.

Forgot to mention the fight between Ethan and Thayer! Ethan hit Thayer and Emma saw it and knows about the fight! Uh oh. 

Derek is getting flowers on his grave and it's not from anybody he knows! Theresa thinks that the killer has a guilty conscience and is doing it and so her and Dan stake out the place. This doesn't turn out great. After their wedding party, she decides to go the gravesite again and gets a call from Sutton? Not sure why Sutton all of the sudden decided to call her about Rebecca, but she missed the person laying the flowers, gets out of the car and looks around and does find the person and is shocked on who it is! That's how it ends. I wonder who is doing the flowers?

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