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NCIS: LA "History" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Guy is found dead out in the middle of the woods while a camera crew is filming for a Big Foot show.

Poor Sam. He tried his hardest to be the coolest dad at his daughter's school thing and it ended up being a Navy Seal that was the coolest! He could have just gone as himself and that would have been fine! 

The team talking about how they would like to retire. Of course Deeks would want to be on a beach with his dog. Sam wants to watch his grandkids play football. Kensi wants to spend two terms as President and retire. Callen doesn't know what he wants to do. Something with an island I guess? Didn't get that all. 

Old activist team is reforming. Something called the JBP. Because one of the guys that was killed was apart of it, I believe.

Deeks is not at all happy about having to go in the woods and not getting to go to the jail. So, Sam and Deeks play rock, paper, scissors and Deeks losses because Sam goes by different rules. This goes on several times throughout the whole episode. Until the end when Deeks finally realizes Sam's strategy and wins! I'm glad he won because if he didn't Sam said that Deeks would have had to shave his head! Well, Deeks and Kensi did have to go to the woods where Deeks ended up stepping in bear poop! But the trip was successful because they found a cabin with Dean's girlfriend (I think). Deeks ends up being afraid of her because she hits him somewhere (really hard) that isn't pleasant.

Dr. Hale was researching the group for his book, I believe and so it lead them to a college. Kensi goes undercover as a student and is at some sort of rally where she meets David, Dr. Hale's teacher assistant and then the rally is interrupted by the "JBP" gang. Deeks is a janitor (again) and he finds a bomb in Dr. Hale's office! 

Find out that the bomb was stolen from a construction place, I believe and there's more missing. Then we find out where the rest was. At Dr. Hale's house and it blows up! But he ended up not being in there because his real name was Oliver Johnson who they believe to be dead! He came back as a history teacher to try and mold the minds of those younger kids. What Dr. Hale/Oliver Johnson says to Callen about sowing seeds already didn't sit well with him. But Hetty tries to cheer him up.

I thought David was gonna be bad because at the end, you see him researching stuff. But Kensi comes over and offers him coffee and a talk and he takes it and erases what he was looking at! Good.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

here's the promo for the next episode:

(not sure what the next episode is call, can't find a name for it)