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NCIS: LA "Lokhay" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Guy steals a computer from a store (don't really know why) and runs out and so the employee runs after him and tries to catch him. But the guy that stole the computer got hit by a car and the people took his body! Weird, huh?

Loved the fact that Kensi and Deeks both didn't want to do the thing that they agreed to do with each other, but neither one wants to tell the other about it! Don't really know why. But Deeks I guess thinks that he owes Kensi for stuff that she always does for him or vise versa. Can't remember. Sam knows about both at first and doesn't say (they do later find out that neither wants to go) anything. That's when Sam gets a call.

Sam's friend Yusef is calling because his nephew Amir (I think I got the names right) is missing. He was the one in the beginning that got hit and Sam starts to do this case off the record, no matter how many times Hetty has informed him not to do this. He let's Granger in on the case and then approves him of a leave of absence, but then Eric found information on the case that they can pick it up and now they do!

Anybody else thought it was strange that the star of the show was missing for the first 10 minutes and randomly shows up later on with no mention of where Callen was at all? All Callen said was that he was late. But none of his coworkers wondered where he was. I thought that was odd because if it was Kensi, Deeks or Sam that was late, they would have talked about it. In fact, they have several times. Just thought that was really weird. Anybody know why he was gone?

Deeks is just making stuff worse for him now. Now Kensi knows that he read her diary! She had left it on her desk. She was not happy at that at all and that's how he figured out that maybe Kensi would want to go to a financial seminar.

Amir's poor girlfriend. She almost got kidnapped! Thank goodness Kensi and Deeks got there in time! But she did get shot, just not really bad. 

Sam was not at all happy when Callen had to drive his car. Callen isn't very good at that sort of thing and got the back window shot out! Hetty is having the car getting fixed, but only Sam is paying for it. Then Sam tells Callen that he has to pay for it!

But then we find out some not great news. The guys weren't after Amir (the bad guys and him were friends), they were actually after Sam because of what his uncle did to save Sam's life! Sam doesn't know this yet and is at the boat house wondering where the guards are at and that's when he finds out, but it's too late! Sam gets tied up and beaten. There's a camera that the bad guys didn't know about and so that the team could look in to see what was happening. Callen, Kensi and Deeks get there and Callen is going in through the basement? I'm with Deeks "We have a basement?". Didn't know they had one! Well, it's more like an underwater entrance I think. They get all the bad guys and a fight happens between the uncle and nephew because the nephew went to shoot Sam! But the uncle saved Sam's life once again with killing his nephew! It was the last of his family. But he'd rather save a friend then a family member. Don't understand, but whatever.

At first, thought that Sam was gonna get off from punishment from Hetty about the car and stuff, but he ended up getting to drink really nice wine with Hetty. Then he finds out that he's the one paying for it! That was his punishment, I think.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode:


  1. First off, I loved that they used Matthew Puckett's music - was so happy when I heard "Never Let You Go" playing while Kensi and Deeks questioned the store owner. Been a big fan of his ever since I heard the Boston Med theme song he wrote...

    Anyway, beyond that one thing I really liked about this episode was how it showed how much Kensi and Deeks care about each other and how much they both go out of their way to not hurt each other's feelings - for instance, that is exactly the reason why they get into misunderstandings like the financial seminar. Glad to see a show like this not afraid to give these leads some depth and not just be all tough all the time (one of the many reasons I've also loved SVU for so long)


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