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Once Upon A Time "ManHattan" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Fairytale world was before Rumplestiltskin was Rumplestiltskin. Finding out that he can finally fight in a war. His wife isn't too happy about it, but he really wants it, so he goes ahead and goes. But it's not at all what he expected it to be. Find out that they have this weird creature thing and it is called a "seer". This thing totally creeped me out! I hate it when stuff looks like this. But it sees the future and told Rumplstiltskin that if he went into the war, that he would end up dying and he also found out that his wife was pregnant with a son. So, wanting to stay alive for his son, he decided to hurt himself to get out of the war! That's why he has the cain! And that's why people thought he was coward. His wife was really mad when he got home.

Hook knows that Mr. Gold is gone and doesn't have magic. Now wants to really find him since he won't have any power to protect him. Cora stops him, though because they have to find this knife thing that can really kill him. But then Regina finds out that Cora wanted it for herself because it'll hurt more then Mr. Gold. 

Well, they find Mr. Gold's son. Guess who it is? I was expecting this because of what we saw in the promo from last week. But it's Neil! Yep, that's right, it's Emma's ex! Mr. Gold has no clue, either. She runs after him after they figure out where he lives because he runs away and Mr. Gold tells her to follow him. It doesn't go well when she catches him. They sit down and talk and she still doesn't tell him about Henry, his son. Well, not until later. First, Emma calls Mary and tells her what's going on and when David finds out, that's hard for him to accept. I loved his Thanksgiving comment. I thought it was hilarious! That Thanksgiving would be horrible. Mary told Emma to tell Henry the truth, but she doesn't right away. Emma ends up telling Mr. Gold that his son got away, so he decides to break into his apartment and look around! Emma gets really nervous while in there and Mr. Gold picks up that he's lying to her. Finally the truth comes out when Neil shows up when he's worried that Mr. Gold might hurt Emma for not following through with the deal. That's also when Henry finds out that Neil is his dad. He wasn't happy with Emma for a little bit there. They have a talk, though and he says he wants to officially meet his dad and he does and they have a sweet meeting. But Mr. Gold sees it and you can tell he's jealous.

Oh, forgot to say that Rumplestiltskin later met up with the seer again in the fairytale world and she told him that he'd meet his son again, but in an unexpected way and through another kid and that he'd not be happy with him and want to seek revenge! So now that means that Henry could possibly be in trouble! Hoping this means that Henry doesn't die. If he does, they'd have a lot of mad viewers (I'd be one of them) and Emma would be sooooo mad, not to mention Regina, too. 

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Here's the promo for the next episode: