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Once Upon A Time "Tiny" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Anybody else forget that David had a twin before this episode or was that just me? I was reminded of it in this episode, since it had to do with James. David and the gang find the ship (thanks to Hooks help, though he wasn't happy to do it) and they find a "tiny" giant on the boat! Cora brought him and shrunk him down to normal size, so it'd be easier to bring him. I can't remember what Cora's plan was with the giant, but we find out right away that he can't stand David and we can't think of a thing. Then David realizes that it must had to do with his brother, James. That's when I remember he had a twin brother! Totally forgot about that! 

We find out why Tiny (that's the name of the giant) had such a huge problem with James (who he thought was David) in the fairytale world. Tiny's family teased him big time and he always found the human world interesting. So, he decides to venture out into it and that's where he meets James and Jack (girl, though, but I think that they were hinting at Jack and the beanstalk?). Jack gives Tiny something to shrink him down to human size so that they can show him around. But little does Tiny know that James is sent out to get magic beans (I think). Tiny eventually figures out that all humans are evil because James comes to Tiny's house and stuff and kills his whole family to get to the magic beans. That's why he has a hard time with humans in general.

Emma, Mr. Gold and Henry all at the airport. Mr. Gold has to take off his scarf to go through the security scan. He has a huge cow because he's not sure what will happen to him. Something weird does happen. Later, we find out that he lost his magic! Not good. But he did remember himself. Not sure which is better. Wonder if he'll get it back once he goes back home?

So, Tiny is out to kill David and he doesn't care that he's not James. He's convinced that all humans are bad and David and Mary try to convince him other wise. Oh, Regina had given him something to make him big again. Only for a little while. Because they both want Mary and David dead. The spell eventually wears off after Tiny made a huge hole in the road and now he's trapped in the hole and David has to end up saving Tiny. Because of that, it convinces him that not all humans are bad and the dwarves invite him into their family and give him an axe and a name appears: Tiny. :) How sweet is that?

Something cute, though, that Mary had a fun day with David even though that they could have died. David kind of did, too. Oh, they might have found another way home! Since Tiny had a magic bean, they might be able to go home through that! Mary isn't sure she wants to, though.

Kind of knew this before, but we find out for sure that Greg knows that he saw Mr. Gold perform magic and is now talking to Belle about it because she's confused, too. This can't be good that an outsider now knows about the town and the people in it.

Henry is loving the trip. It's kind of cute. Mr. Gold looks really nervous on the plane. I wonder why?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next epsiode: