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Pretty Little Liars "Dead To Me" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Private detective telling Spencer the news, but I can't remember what it was. Oh wait, he found the apartment that the key went to, that's right!

Wes moves into Ezra's place. To me, this is has bad idea written all over it! I believe that he has feelings for Aria. Why else would he ask her to come over whenever she wanted to?

Ali's family is getting her remains and putting her body into a Muslim and so they are inviting the girls to the place. 

Emily was going to the police station to get the picture of Wilden, but it was gone! Got a postcard of Paris that Ali used to have that Emily's mom got randomly in her purse. Probably from -A. 

Paige was trying to figure out who the queen of hearts was at the dance! I wonder if she figured out anything?

Emily is seeing the therapist. She's still upset about what happened with Nate and what's worse, is that she tries hypnotizing therapy and now she thinks she killed Alison! Poor Emily.

Spencer is still depressed about Toby. I really believe she should come clean about him. At least to her friends. I just hope that she does that soon. I think she'd feel 10x better. Even though Spencer has changed, I still love Spencer. She's my favorite!

Mona giving the therapist a welcome plant. Why do I think it's bugged? I think the therapist thought that, too, with the weird look she gave it after Mona left.

At the Muslim now. I agree with Hanna. It's a creepy place. Just Emily, Aria and Hanna are there with Jason saying goodbye to Ali. Spencer shows up and freaks out. Tells Jason that Ali was pregnant with Wilden's child. Why would she say that when they weren't sure that it was Wilden? Then Spencer sctraches Toby's name on some random tomb stone. 

Spencer ended up finding the apartment. I think she was hoping that he'd either be there or it'd be filled with -A stuff or she'd find out that he was just protecting her. But since it was empty, I think she got the answer. That Toby was on the -A not because of protecting her. I'm not sure what his intentions are on being the -A team now. At first, I thought it was just because he wanted to protect Spencer, but now that we learned that he wanted to be on the -A team from the beginning, I'm not too sure about that now.

Thank goodness Emily figured out that she didn't hurt Ali! Just mixed up the nightmares. Figured out that she kind of saw someone digging up Ali's grave that night and saw somebody in a red coat with blonde hair and they now know that she's in charge! Now Emily says what I've been thinking all along. That she thinks it was Ali that she saw. 

-A at a liquor place. Know it's a guy. Buying a bottle of wine. Weird.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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