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Pretty Little Liars "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Finally, the moment we've been waiting for! Spencer finally tells her friends about Toby being on the -A team and they aren't quick to believe that he would hurt them. Spencer is, though. She said that Mona was out of town when Spencer was locked in the sauna, but she's forgetting about Melissa. I almost wonder if it was Melissa. Especially because of the message on the wall having to do with Wren. 

Emily is especially not ready to think that Toby is bad and is going on a search of her own to find Toby. Goes to his place and everything. Who else thought that the "coworker" of Toby's was really creepy? Not really creepy, but there's just something off about him. I don't trust him. Especially when Emily thought that she was gonna meet Toby somewhere that she was actually at his work place and saw that guy and he knew her name! Emily saw the girl in the red coat again. I wonder why we are seeing her so much all of the sudden? Who else thinks it's Ali?

I feel so bad for Aria throughout the whole episode. Walking in on Ezra and seeing Malcolm has come to visit, too! She was uncomfortable with that. What made it more awkward was when Maggie came. Then Aria volunteers to babysit Malcolm. More awkward! Aria is getting toys at her house and runs into her mom going over there to get something, but she won't tell her mom what's going on. But now I feel even worse for Aria. Who didn't see this coming, though? Boy jumping on bed, you know something bad is gonna happen. Aria had her back turned and wasn't paying attention just then and he hurt himself! Was it just me or did Maggie seem really mad at Aria when she came to the hospital to be with her son? She was like ignoring her! Ezra is more mad then he's letting on. Aria finally tells her mom about the whole situation and she feels bad for her, too! But she told Aria that maybe the best thing to do is to step back and look at the situation and I think she is taking her advice. Does this mean something bad for Ezra and Aria? Not really my favorite couple. My favorite couple was Toby and Spencer and now they are no more. :(

Remember the flowers that -A was making last week? Well, Spencer got them and she has no idea why! I'm not sure why Spencer is so sure that -A is still Mona. She's smarter then that. Doesn't she know there has to be more then two people on the team? Well, she thanks Mona for the flowers and basically gets a death threat from Mona. Later Spencer is looking at the writing and notices that the e and m are faded and so she naturally thinks (so did I) that Emily is in trouble! Goes to warn her, but Emily doesn't really take the warning. Oh, it wasn't Emily that was in trouble.

Did Ashley really see Wilden or was she just seeing thing? Or is this a trick from -A now? I'm really confused. Because he was gone really fast if he really was there. But I wonder if he was. Ashley is right, though. If he was really hurt, they would have known it by now, but not if he's really dead. Then Hanna gets home and I can't remember what made her go in the garage, but she does and Wilden's car is there with the tape of her mom hitting him! So, then she has a brilliant idea to push the car into the lake with Aria's help! Aria was trying hard to talk her out of it, but Hanna didn't listen.

Now comes really sad news. Spencer is following Mona to wherever she was going and follows her to the woods and then into this open area where there's a dead body. Remember, they said somebody was gonna die, but you'll never guess who! It's Toby! I almost cried at this. But we never actually see his face. Spencer didn't have time to pull off his helmet. All we see is a tattoo that Toby had. But people can get the same exact tattoo. If he is dead, makes me wonder if he was bad? But I wonder if he faked his death to get away from the -A team? I don't know. Maybe that's something that will be answered later on. I am hoping Toby isn't dead! But then the next worse possible thing happens. Spencer cracks. Like Mona cracks. She runs after Mona in the woods and then later some park rangers find Spencer and she has this crazed look on her face and her friends don't know where she is! They lock Spencer up somewhere. I'm thinking where Mona was at?

Fisherman fishing in the lake where Aria and Hanna dumped the car and he found a police hat (fished it up)! Not good. I almost expected -A to come by and pick it up. But I'm sure -A was there.

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