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Pretty Little Liars "What Becomes Of The Broken-Hearted" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Spencer got kicked off her team! Now she's really not happy. First does a strip poker kind of thing with the guy (sorry, did not catch his name and I can't find it anywhere!), but with a quiz and then Spencer gets into a fight with Mona! Also, Spencer got a threatening message from -A written on her sunglasses that they are gonna do something to one of her friends!

Hanna was right about the baby picture of Caleb! Jaime is Caleb's father! So, Hanna tries her hardest to get the two together. Caleb is super stubborn, but finally agrees to meet his dad at the coffee place. They go, he's like a half hour late or so (not really sure how late he was) and Caleb was really mad about that and was about to leave when Jaime finally shows up! They actually get along. So well that Hanna leaves without them knowing! She also helped get him a job at the church. But it doesn't turn out too well. She drops money into the box when she leaves and learns that Jaime later took it out! He stole from the church! This isn't gonna end well. Especially for Caleb.

Wes' mom found him! Well, kind of. But what's weird, is that, after she found him, she called Aria and asked her where he was. Why? We have no clue. Aria feels bad for Wes and Cece asks Aria's help for some photography job and invites Wes as an assistant. This whole part felt odd. I haven't really trusted Cece and this episode proved me right! First, she lied to Aria about where she was at (because she was late coming back with the food) and then she lied to Emily about not having knowing Wilden! She's not to be trusted. Now the whole Wes/Aria thing gets worse. She asks him to come and sleep on the couch (because he has no place to live) and so they are at Aria's place and guess what? Wes kisses Aria! Aria quickly pushes him away and tells him they can't do that. But either Aria looked surprised or she looked like she liked it or a little bit of both. 

Emily and Jason goes to Jason's dads office because he remembers seeing a picture of Alison with Wilden in his dad's stuff. They get there and find the picture and Cece was in the picture, too! But here comes the scary part. Jason and Emily get trapped in the elevator (guessing -A was there) and Jason pries the doors open and gets Emily out, but when it's his turn, the doors snap shut and the elevator drops (however many stories they are up!)! I thought for sure he was dead and how he survived that thing is beyond me. Poor Emily, though. I think the elevator drop was meant for her. All the girls (including Spencer) end up at the hospital and they all visit to figure out what happened and then a few minutes later, they find out that Jason somehow escaped! How could he even walk after an accident like that? Or did -A kidnap him or help him? The picture is gone now, too. Wonder if Wilden could be involved with Jason getting out of the hospital? Forgot to say that remember that liquor bottle we saw -A buy in the last episode? Well, we now know what it was used for! One of the members of the -A team put a whole bunch of wine bottles in front of Jason's house! Emily got a text from -A then, but I can't remember what it said.

A surprise guest comes who we haven't seen in a while! Well, first Melissa, but that's not who I was gonna mention, just remembered seeing her. But Wren! And you'll never believe who had the nerve to invite him to Spencer's house, but Mona! Spencer was not at all happy with that news. She asks Wren out on a "date" (not really sure what it was) to this restaurant type thing and that's where the match that Spencer was supposed to be at, is happening! That's where the huge Mona/Spencer fight happens! Yes, it was an actual fight, too. Wren had to pull Spencer off of Mona and drag her out of there. Crazy, right?

2 -A's are seen this time. Drinking wine and each wine bottle has a picture of the four girls. They spin the bottle to select the wine and the one -A moves it to Spencer. Could this mean that Spencer is next to get hurt?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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