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Suits "He's Back!" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I can't believe he's back! I'm sure all the fans of this show thought that exact same thought at the end of last weeks' episode when Robert left his position.

Harvey does not know about the thing Jessica signed to have Daniel leave. That blew up in her face and Harvey is really mad that she never informed him about it.

Daniel is such a jerk. He tries to get into everybody's head and he is really good at it. And trying to turn everybody against each other, too.

Mike goes to Rachel to get help, but she refuses to help him because she's finally filling out her application for Harvard! Mike offers to help her, but she wants to do it for herself.

Is it weird that Rachel has never met Jessica? I thought that was odd when Jessica came to Rachel's dad's house. Was Rachel just hired differently? Jessica asking Robert for help to get rid of Daniel, but he won't help because he thinks he knows Daniel. Loved how Jessica spoiled the end of the game for Robert. :)

Monica is kind of like Daniel, in a way. Either that or they talked before stuff happened so she would know what to say to pin it on Louis to make it look like he was the bad guy. I felt so bad for Louis when Harvey showed him the dissipation transcript. That's not what Louis was doing at all! It was just all horrible.

Also, Daniel was horrible with Jessica asking all those personal questions and I don't know if he had the right to do that or not. I don't think he did.

Found out that Rachel couldn't fill out the application after all. I thought her response when she told Mike she was done with it was a little odd, but Mike encouraged her to do it. Telling her about his first interview with Harvey. I don't remember it going exactly like that, but it's been a while since I saw the first episode. Well, obviously he couldn't say everything that happened, seeing as he doesn't exactly have his law degree.

Daniel confronted Donna and Louis in this episode by himself. This isn't gonna end well in either case and it doesn't. Donna wants to escort him to the conference room and she gets really mad at him and slaps him twice! It was funny when she told Harvey about it. Then Louis in the elevator. He yells at Daniel and then threatens to kill him! That probably wasn't the smartest thing to say to Daniel, but I could see why Louis is so mad.

Now comes one of the best part. Well, before I say, I wanna say that Donna noticed the H in Hardman was a little crocked and so she gets mad at Harvey when she finds out that he hit it. Then Jessica comes out and tells them to finally take down Hardman! Loved that part! It's about time. I wonder if Harvey's name will be next to put up?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode: