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Suits "War" (Season Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This is one of the times I'm really happy I take notes because so many things were happening in this episode, it was really hard to keep track! Even with taking notes, I felt a little confused. Though it probably didn't help that they were using Lawyer language and I don't quite understand that.

I was especially confused at the very beginning when Mike and Jessica were arguing about something and then it came up and said "6 nights earlier" and started out at a party. Slowly their conversation began to make sense throughout the whole episode. 

Harvey wants to sue Edward and his law firm? I wasn't quite understanding that. Why did he want to do that?

Aw, so many Mike and Rachel moments especially with a huge one that happened at the end!

Louis' new friend/frenemie maybe (?) is Nigel. I think the reason why they don't get a long at first is because they are a lot a like. You find that out a lot more towards the middle of the episode. And then they slowly become friends? There's this list they were both asked to do and Louis said he'd take of Nigel's name if Nigel would take of Louis' name. Louis, however, didn't follow through thinking that Nigel would do the same, but Donna told him he didn't! I wasn't sure if becoming friends was apart of a plan of Louis' or not. One of the many things I was confused about during the episode.

Another thing I was confused about was what case was Edward/Jessica working on? Was it the food company one still? Well, even though Harvey tried his hardest to not make the merger happen, it still happened. If I understood the end. But because of what Scotty was trying to do for Harvey (she loves him!), she ended up getting fired because her boss found out (I wonder from who?). Harvey decided to finally fight for her I guess and go in and say that he got the file, but Edward knew right away that he was lying, but Harvey ended up getting the job back for Scotty (I believe) and asked Harvey where Scotty should work at! Meaning, London or New York! However, that's one of the cliffhangers. Yes, you read that right, one of the cliffhangers.

I'm not sure how I like the Scotty and Harvey's relationship. Because I prefer Donna, but since they work together, I don't think that they can be together. I got a feeling that Donna was dodging the questions that Scotty and Harvey both asked if it was about her and Scotty even asked Donna if she loved Harvey and she said no. But the way she said no, made me think she still did. I just don't know Scotty enough to know if she can be trusted or not. But if Harvey did truly get her job back, it looks like we could be seeing more of her in the new season (they did get renewed!).

Is it just me or has Jessica started to turn really mean? I know she's the boss and all, but I feel like she's changed a bunch. She's started to threaten Mike and everything with his job. That's what they were arguing about in the beginning. Well, sort of. Mike had made or gotten (can't remember) a letter that was dated Sept. 14th that said that they were gonna lose. Jessica told him to throw it away because it was a lie. Then she brought up the fact that Mike could go to jail if she turned him in for not practicing with a degree and that she had gotten a letter from the district attonery saying that she just found out that Mike hadn't been working with one so that her job would be safe! 

Harvey fires Mike, but now Jessica tells him he can't do that? I was a little confused by that. Jessica tells Harvey to be humble and know his place and walks out! When Harvey finally came out of the bathroom, it looked like he was gonna break down any second. That's when he saw Scotty and found out she got fired, etc.

Now come to Rachel and Mike! Mike is in the filing room, I think he's crying. Poor guy. He's had a really hard day. Now Rachel is really mad at him for not sending in that letter and he lets it slip that he went to Louis to get it signed and now she wants to know why. He refuses to tell her at first, but then he was gonna lose her anyways and so he finally told her the truth! That he never went to Harvard and doesn't have a Law degree! Also, she found out the truth about why she wasn't accepted into Harvard and that's one of the many things that they were arguing about. She was really mad at first, but then I guess they made up? Because kissing happened! I like Rachel and Mike together. That's how the show ended. Oh, the other cliffhanger was that we aren't sure if Mike still has his job or not. 

Did you love or hate the season finale? Let me know in the comments below!

Oh, it did get renewed! I'd be shocked if it didn't. It's so addicting and amazing! But there's no season 3 promo up on Youtube, yet, or else I'd post it. 


  1. I really disliked it. I hope that for the next season the writers write and delete most of the gratuitous swearing. I did not find last night's episode well plotted and thought that Louis and Donna came out looking the best. Frankly they were the only characters who were not completely two dimensional and superficial.


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