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Suits "Zane Vs. Zane" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Well, we finally know who Rachel's dad is! He's also a very powerful lawyer, who at first, doesn't seem like he's a very approving dad. The first time we meet him is when Rachel and him are having lunch (it's her birthday) and he's telling her to change careers because she thinks he is saying that she's not smart enough for the job, etc. Then he says that he's gonna be working with her law firm on a case that was supposedly closed! 

Loved how that the episode actually opened on a happy note. Harvey and Mike playing horse in Harvey's office with rolled up paper. Don't know what they were playing for, but they get interrupted by Jessica telling them that Derrick had passed away. You learn right away that Harvey did not like him at all. But that's who Robert (Rachel's dad) is replacing!

Katrina and Louis meet for the first time which starts an immediate war between the two. Katrina is willing to go to war with him. Especially after he messes up her courtroom stuff! Eventually puts Louis in jail and that's when they finally call it a truce between them. I think Louis was jealous of the fact that he couldn't hire anybody, but Harvey could. Even though he said he wasn't, I still think that was mainly why he was mad at Katrina at first.

Now comes the even rockier part between Rachel and Robert. Harvey asks Rachel to be in on the disposition! Oh, Rachel has already asked Mike for help with Robert. That part was funny because he thought he was getting in trouble again for something. So, that whole disposition was really awkward, but Rachel found out that her dad can be really mean! Was calling the client lazy and not a hard worker. But Harvey found out that all the complaints Robert had gotten, were all from males, not both sides! So, that kind of threw the deal out of the water and he ended up letting it go! 

Finally, Robert and Rachel kind of make up! Nice to see that happen. Mike sees it, too. He was coming to see Rachel to give her a present. Her Lsats that she had gotten a high score on, he had it framed! How sweet. But then he said that it was from Donna. Not sure if that was true or not, though. I think it was an excuse. 

Robert tells Jessica that he's stepping down from the case, but to say that somebody is taking his place and guess who it is! Daniel Hardman! Thought that  they got rid of this guy? I can't believe he's back! Ugh. Oh well. Guess we will have to wait to see what happens now!

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