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The Mentalist "Red Barn" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

 Red John is supposedly involved with the case and naturally, Patrick is obsessed with it. They get called to the crime scene that's been 25 years old and Patrick doesn't like how the crime scene looks, so he goes outside. That's when we see the horrible Red John smiley face. Just creeps me out everytime I see it! But what's even weirder, is that the case was way before Red John became to be!

Found out that it was Lisbon's 10 year reunion with the CBI and so Rigsby threw her a party. Which, she wasn't too thrilled about it. Mainly the stripper that Rigsby hired. Why he hired somebody like that for her, I have no clue.

Guess who else is involved with the case? Visualize! Another creepy place. I really think that like Brett or somebody like that is Red John because the place they found the dead bodies at, was owned by Visualize. I don't think that's by accident. 

As usually, the case leads them in many different directions, but thanks to Patrick, they always find the right person. But with how he does things. Asks all the suspects to meet in the restaurant. But he broke in the night before to hide a Red John symbol. That was the key to catching the killer. It wasn't anything to do with Red John, however. The vet that was worried for the animals safety on the farm, her daughter killed the guy in self defense because he started to beat up her mom right in front of her. She didn't kill the other two people. They were already down there. But she said that when they hid the body, she felt like somebody was watching them. Wonder who? Maybe whoever Red John is?

Forgot to mention the weird conversations Lisbon had with Ray. What's up with that? Found out that he is a member of Visualize. So, explains how he knew some of the case already. But it doesn't explain why he got really weird with her at the end. I can't remember exactly what they talked about, but all I know is that it was a weird conversation. I'm just glad she decided to turn him down for the job offer, if he ends up being bad, that is! I just really suspected something is gonna be off with that. Just odd.

Then we finally find out what Patrick has been hiding in his room at the CBI because Lisbon gets tired of not getting in. He's been tracking everybody he's ever met to figure out who could be Red John! Of course, only Patrick could possibly remember every single person he's ever met. He's narrowed it down and Lisbon wants to know who is at the top of the list and that's where the episode ends. I'd like to know who he has at the top, too, but guess they want to save that for later! 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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