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The Mentalist "Red In Tooth And Claw" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Just one of the normal cases. Nothing interesting being done with Red John or a possible story line for the season finale quite yet, but it's still early for that one. It was a good episode, though.

Why was Theresa going to the poker game? I can't remember. But she is still going each time they have a game. Bertram is a horrible poker player I guess and that is now affecting his work behavior and denied a money training thing for Van Pelt to go training for a class in LA for a month or however long it was. So, Patrick decides to help Bertram with his poker game and Patrick's advice ended up working because Bertram won at the end! And also approved Van Pelt's money to go to training. Theresa was actually happy with Patrick for helping with Van Pelt and now Patrick wants to help Theresa with her game.

So, onto the case. There was a missing student, Linda and they found her dead in a crate of worms. Gross, right? I think that's the grossest I've seen a dead body. Well, at least on this show. It was so disgusting that Theresa even passed out at the sight of it! I've never seen her that bad with a body. Patrick, yes and I'm surprised he didn't pass out, but not Theresa.

Linda had a cop boyfriend that is now her ex-boyfriend all because of a fake profile that was set up and emailed to him and that was funny how Patrick figured out who set up the fake profile (it was Van Pelt who found out it was faked). He wrote down all the words from the profile and gave a list to Chow, Rigsby and of course himself and went to her classmates to figure out who set it up. Of course it had to be Patrick who found out who set it up. I knew it had to be. Poor Rigsby was having a hard time with the person he was talking to and Chow wasn't doing much better. It ended up being Megan (I believe) that set up the profile and all because she was jealous that Linda never seemed to break down from all the stress or never had it ruff and Megan wanted to see if she could hurt Linda and the break-up worked.

I know most of the ways Patrick figures out who the bad guy is, is kind of the same, but I still love seeing it go down. Like this episode. Sonja (I think she's the teacher, right?) is interested in how Patrick remembers so much and so he offers to do a memory seminar. But before that, he had to steal a moth from the museum and had Rigsby distract them. Why Rigsby distracted people with a spider, I have no clue. But let's get back to the seminar. Patrick first walks in blind folded to prove that he could remember where everything was and he did (makes me wonder how many times they had to film that scene so he wouldn't trip getting up on stage). Then, they had gotten animals from Linda's office and set them up (I think there were 30) and the blonde girl student (I can't remember her name) challenged him and he had Paul rearrange the animals. Now he looked at them again and memorized them and started to name them off in a fun little order and he was right until the very end when he named off the moth. There was a rare moth that Linda had found and had shown Paul and Paul was very mad and wanted it for himself and so he decided to kill Linda all because he wanted the moth to save his job! 

Rigsby still gets a coffee for Van Pelt everyday and Chow questioned him about it this time. Rigsby didn't know that the fund had been approved for Van Pelt to leave and he was really disappointed that she left without him saying goodbye. So, here's a surprising question that Chow asks him. He asks if Rigsby still loves Van Pelt! Rigsby is a horrible liar and I've kind of figured all along that he still liked Van Pelt, but because he has a son and everything and it's against the rules, they couldn't do anything. But now that they brought it up again, I wonder if they will come back to that? That was my favorite part of the show when it was happening. I loved that couple! I was so bummed when they had to break up. 

For those who don't know, Amanda Righetti is pregnant in real life (they made it obvious because she never left her desk and I missed her having field work) and she was probably about to have her baby and so that's probably why this whole training in LA took place and she'll be gone for however long she'll be gone. I for one hope she's back and gets back out into the field with the team more. Like I said, I missed that. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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