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White Collar "Shoot The Moon" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Kidnapping must be a theme in shows right now. First it was "Castle" and now it's "White Collar" and next week it looks like it's "NCIS". I think it's funny when shows do the same type of stuff.

Sarah is back and that means Neal and Sarah are back as a couple, too! He's head of security for a show she's doing. But while he's checking on things, the perfume thing that's on display in her place gets stolen! The bad guys' car gets blocked in and so they steal Peter and Elizabeth's car and kidnap them while they are at it! This is the wrong couple to kidnap. Peter wanted to surprise Elizabeth with a trip that they never got to go on.

The couple that stole the perfume are Oz and Penny. Oz has done time, but Penny has no criminal record. Kind of funny how they met. They met through a jail meeting magazine or something like that! Kind of funny.

Peter was trying hard to not let Oz see his FBI badge, but with all the hard work that Elizabeth did, it didn't turn out well and it still ended badly. He found the badge and now they are really in trouble. I thought it was funny how it seemed like Elizabeth was bonding with Oz over cooking and Peter was bonding with Penny with the relationship. But that went out the window when he found out that Peter was FBI. Now he is having Peter help them get into where the moon rock is being held. 

Don't worry, though. Neal figures out (thanks to Sarah's help) that they were after the moon rock and they get there before the FBI does and Neal tries to steal it before they get in there. Sarah likes the fact that she's finally seeing Neal at work. :) He does get the moon rock, but Oz notices that there are people in there. Neal trades the moon rock for Peter. But Peter goes back in to get his wife. He does, but she's worried about Oz and Penny! Peter talks them out of going out there with guns blazing because it won't turn out well for either of them. Just wanted Oz and Penny to turn themselves in.

On a sad note, Sarah got offered a job in London! Neal not happy about that at all and is wondering what he should about the relationship. But then I guess he decides to be supportive. :(

Peter wanted Neal to watch their dog all along! He told that to Elizabeth when they were confessing stuff at home. She told Peter that she wanted Neal to lie to him. He wasn't happy about that. But he wanted them to find the file on purpose! 

Mozzie did crack the code in the file! Something about a 50th floor in the Empire State Building. Interesting. Wonder what's there?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode: