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Hawaii Five-0 "Na Ki'i (Dolls)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Man, I've missed this show! I know it's been a while since it was on, but I didn't know it had been a month! I wonder why it took a month break? But now I think it should be back pretty regularly until the season finale in May. 

Suspicion around Dorris still continues in this episode. What's she really hiding from Steve? Well, we see at the beginning that Dorris is being watched by somebody and later that person (I'm assuming) breaks into the house and beats up Dorris pretty badly and steals something! Steve meets her at the hospital and really wants to know what's going on. He doesn't believe his mom for a second. I don't, either. At the end, she does tell him the truth, though! Well, I think. She says that the box contains names of spies or something (can't exactly remember) and that whatever was in the box was protecting them and since it's gone, they are in big trouble now. Steve couldn't believe she had something like that in the house, though. Then Dorris is seen calling somebody about protection. We just don't know who she's calling.

Catherine is back! And guess what she has to do? Help Steve with something as always! :) The case has to do with a lady who died while a bounty hunter was chasing after somebody completely different (I think, the beginning was kind of hard to follow at first). Her name is Dana and she had an ex-boyfriend that said she was keeping secrets from him. Well, Steve and the team find out the huge secret: she was in roller derby! 

I don't understand the point of roller derby and don't really enjoy episodes based on that, but this one was actually pretty good! Probably because it is one of my favorite shows and Catherine has to go undercover as one of the teammates! At first, she doesn't make the cut and Steve is really mad. So, he arrests the girl that did make the cut because of some parking tickets! Now Catherine is on and the teammates aren't exactly welcoming. She does however, get to know the girls and they end up being nice.

Eventually, it all leads to the coach. He drugged the girls and I think some other stuff with them, not quite sure. So, when he saw Catherine's friend come out of his office, he went after her! Not knowing that Catherine had just gone out of there, too! It was Catherine who he was really after, not the other girl. He tells someone on the other team to beat up that girl pretty badly so he can look like he helps her, but instead is actually giving her a drug! So, he brought her to his office and she's all confused on what's going on. Dana had figured it out and said she was gonna bring a cop in (that's who he thought this girl was - sorry, didn't catch her name). Catherine got to her in time and everything turned out fine and Steve got to them a few minutes later, too.

Catherine decides to tell Steve what Dorris told her about the bad guy after her (forgot all about this!) and Steve was really mad at first, but then they make up at the end. I'm glad they did. I really like them together.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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