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Lying Game "To Lie For" (Spring Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Episode starts right where the other one left off. Dan is upset at everybody and blaming them for all the lies and stuff. Then you see Dan saying goodbye to Theresa in the morgue and Alec is there! Dan wants to know really badly what Alec told Theresa to get her on the case. Then, I don't know why, Alec tells Dan about Sutton and Emma! He's really not happy now because he learns that Ethan knew all along and didn't say anything. Telling him that Ethan can't see them anymore and stuff. Ethan chooses family, but what's bad is that Emma finally figures out her feelings and tells Ethan that she still likes him when it's too late! 

I am really loving the fact that Ted knows about Emma and Sutton and the fact that he's like in on everything, too. But I'm with him, I think Kristin does have a right to know everything and Ted plans to tell her that night about Emma and Sutton. Emma is worried that with all the lies that Kristin won't take her, but Sutton is worried that her family will pick Emma over Sutton.

Emma and Rebecca have a sort of mother/daughter moment! But not exactly what either of them had in mind, I'm sure. Emma starts getting mad at Rebecca and all Rebecca is trying to do is have this conversation with her. Why the sudden change of heart with Rebecca and why revealing herself to Emma now? Anybody else thought that was weird?

Emma finally has a sister moment that she's been wanting for! Sutton has changed a lot and you see that now with the conversation they have between them and they even hug! Not sure how I'm liking the new Sutton and if it's really true that she's acting like this or just part of the plan or what. I'm still not fully trusting her or Rebecca.

They somehow get proof that it was Rebecca who killed Theresa and Derek, but not sure why, but Alec calls Theresa and tells her to pack a bag fast! So, they get to the house and nothing is there. Why would he do that? 

Rebecca decides to not go on the run because she wants to stay with her girls. At the memorial service for Theresa, she asks Alec to meet her on the roof to ask him questions. He's surprised to see her there and to find out that she's not going on the run. But what's even more surprising is that Rebecca has figured it all out and who the real killer is! I think Alec is like Rebecca in some ways. He has somebody else do the snooping and dirty business, but they are the mastermind. Then, something surprising happened that I wasn't expecting at all! Rebecca (or so we think) kills Alec! I was shocked to see that! Wasn't expecting a main character to die! He's pushed into the glass skylight and falls into the memorial service. Just when Ted was about to tell Kristin the truth!

Now we find out who the killer of Theresa and Derek are: it's Thayer! I've been suspecting it all along, but still very sad to know that I'm right. Emma goes to see Thayer and tell him what she made up her mind about and he's acting all weird. He kept asking her to leave and she finally does. A few minutes later, Thayer pulls back the couch seat and there's the weapon! He smashes his room up with it. How Emma couldn't have heard this, I have no clue. It wasn't that long of a space between that happened. I thought she'd still be in the hall. Of course, they black out after that, so she could have come running back.

Not sure if the show is coming back for the next few episodes of the season. They haven't announced it, yet. I really hope it does, though. I love this show!

Did you love or hate the spring finale? Let me know in the comments below!