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NCIS: LA "Wanted" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Kensi is asking Deeks all these personal questions and says that it's a partner survey, but it's really a marriage survey from a bridal magazine! Then Nell picks it up thinking that it's a partner survey and is asking Eric all these questions and then she realizes what it is and stops doing it! 

Bad guy is back that was after Sam's wife, Michelle and they learned that he never actually left the country. So, now Michelle has to go back in to her cover and Sam does too and he's not at all happy about it. Especially when he gets framed for the first murder (the one at the beginning) and gets sent to jail and Hetty doesn't bail him out because he's safer there!

Deeks and Kensi having to babysit the other agent to buy Callen and Sam some time was hilarious! Their banter was just cracking me up!

Poor Deeks with having to go into that mens club or whatever it was! It was so out of his comfort zone. I kind of felt bad for him. But they had to tell the one guy that they wanted to "kill" him. He agreed to it. They just made it look like it, but he actually didn't die. Michelle just had to make it look like she was shooting him, I think. 

Sam eventually breaks out of jail because he can't take it anymore with staying in there and so he somehow knows where Callen and Michelle and everybody else is gonna be at and he goes there and just in time, too because his wife almost died! I believe if he didn't get there when he did, his wife would have died. I don't think Callen would have gotten to her in time. Hetty, however, was not at all happy that Sam disobeyed her order.

If I remember right, I think the bad guy ended up getting away again.

I also thought it was funny when Sam couldn't get a hold of his wife and he went to the house and she snuck up on him and she almost killed him! But then they got into an argument about that and Callen walks out and Sam wasn't happy that he left him hanging there with his wife. Callen does it again to Sam with Hetty at the end when she starts lecturing Sam about escaping jail.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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