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Once Upon A Time "The Queen Is Dead" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I guess I should have figured out the plot from the title of the episode, but man this episode was depressing! But it was still a really good episode!

Snow White's birthday in the faiytale world and the real world. Huge party being thrown for her in the fiarytale world but in the real world, nothing is going on and she is upset about David remembering her birthday and about getting a present. It's a crown that she got from an old family friend: Johanna. 

In the fairytale world, though, her mom has gotten sick. Really sick and so Snow White tries to help and save her, but it doesn't happen like that. She finds out about a blue fairy that could help her, but by only using dark magic. In order to save her mom's life, she must take somebody else's life and she has to decide for herself who to take! But she can't do that. So, all that searching for nothing. Snow White feels really bad about not being able to save her mom and tells her mom about it, but her mom ends up being proud of her! That was the last thing she heard from her mom before she died. :( That's why she hates her birthday. What's really bad is at the funeral for her mom, after everybody leaves, the blue fairy comes and it's actually Cora! She had poisoned Snow White's mom and is hoping to turn Snow White herself bad. Looks like that might happen, too.

The search for the dagger continues and ends in this episode. David and Mary finally get a hold of Mr. Gold and Emma and finally find the dagger! Very clever hiding place if you ask me. In one of the hands of the town clock! But now comes some more depressing news for Mary. Well, not quite yet. First, Cora and Regina have to show up. Oh, I forgot to mention that Mary had a talk with Regina and tried to turn her to the side of good, but it didn't work. Then, remember Mary's friend, Johanna? Well, Cora has Johanna there and Regina rips her heart out (literally) and almost kills her by crushing it! All in trying to get the dagger from Mary. Johanna is Mary's only link to her mom and so she's having a hard time to decide what to do. But in the end, she decides to give up the dagger to save her friend. It just doesn't go like that, though. Cora decides to kill her friend anyways after they got the dagger! Now after all that, Mary is wondering if it pays to be good anymore and she doesn't care about justice.

Now on with Neal, Emma, Mr. Gold and Henry. You can really tell that Mr. Gold is mad/jealous at Henry. Something bad is gonna happen with that and I just hope that Henry isn't the one that gets hurt. Henry is still very mad at Emma for lying to him about his dad. Mr. Gold thinks that Emma wants to get back with Neal and I think he's right. Especially with how their part of the story ended tonight. Throughout the whole episode, Neal kept trying to tell Emma something important. Then, at the end, we finally know what he's been trying to tell her. That he has a fiance! I felt so bad for Emma because you can really tell during that scene that she was hurt and that she did want to get back with him. Also, Mr. Gold asked Emma to try and get Neal to come and live in Storybrooke. She asked him, but now we know why he was reluctant in coming.

Hook finds Mr. Gold! You know that's bad. Because Hook also found his hook (for his hand) after hitting David in the office to look for it. How did David get it again? I can't remember. But anyways, since Hook has it, he now has his own sort of weapon to try and kill Mr. Gold since he doesn't have magic in New York. So, he stabs him with it! Now Neal and Emma are on the race to get Mr. Gold back home because magic is the only thing that can save him. We did find something weird that I hope is later on explained, though. Neal knows Hook! And knows how to sail a pirate ship! How? We don't know exactly, yet. Like I said, I'm hoping it's one of the many mysteries that will be revealed later on.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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