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Once Upon A Time "Selfless, Brave and True" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

They finally decide to tell us what happened to August/Pinocchio! Man, sure took them long enough. Almost thought that they weren't gonna let us know what happened to him.

No fairytale world again, but this time it was about August trying to figure out a cure to being turned wooden. He doesn't know right away, that nobody can see that he's being turned wooden, so he tries to find somebody that does. He's at the doctor's office and somebody overhears him and says that he know somebody that can help, called the "Dragon". I was wondering who this person was and if we should even trust him. How could he be magical, if he's not from August's world? I didn't understand that part. But he does have something that can cure him, but it costs a lot of money. So, August is in a desperate search of finding the money.

Mary still feels bad about what she has done. I don't blame her. The first time she's probably ever done something like this. David is being really nice to her still, but Emma thinks that he needs to be force with her. Maybe, maybe not. 

Guess who comes to town now, too? Tamara, Neal's fiance! How awkward was that breakfast meeting between Neal, Emma, Tamara and Henry? I haven't liked Tamara from the beginning, but there is more to her then we thought. Neal listens to Emma and tells Tamara the truth! She kind of gets mad at him, I think. I wasn't sure. That whole conversation was a little weird.

Mary goes for a walk in the woods and guess who she finds? August! He doesn't want anybody to know where he is because he turned back to wood. :( But Mary being Mary, is gonna help August anyways. Tells Emma and Marco about August and they go see the Blue Fairy, but she can't even help him because August hasn't been good. He hasn't kept his promise and only he can fix it himself.

So, Tamara and August know each other! They met because they were both seeing the "Dragon" person at the sametime! She had cancer and was seeing the "Dragon" because she thought he could cure her. So, she had this money to get the cure, but August stole it from her! She later catches up with August just as he's about to take the medicine and she takes it from him! But what's worse, is that she lied about having cancer! She's been in search for their "kind" or whatever she said for a while now. She's bad! I feel bad for Neal because he has no clue. Tamara tells August to leave because she still has the stuff back in her apartment in New York. And he does! :(

Regina remembers who Greg is! Saying that his dad left a little after Greg/Owen had. But I don't believe her and neither does Greg. I hope he does eventually find his dad. He might be hidden somewhere in town like Belle was.

August dies because of Tamara. Emma gets there too late. But the Blue Fairy can help August this time. She makes him into a real boy, but it turns him into a little boy this time! I was a little sad about that, but I guess it's good if he lives then. But he was gonna tell them about Tamara, but he doesn't remember once he was turned to human. Now nobody knows that Tamara is bad. :(

Finally, Emma apologizes to Henry and promises to tell him the truth. He accepts it.

Mary tells David about what happened when she saw Regina. He was not thrilled about that at all, but he is gonna help her with her heart turning black. It was shown earlier that she was kind of bad now because she slapped somebody (can't remember who it was)! She felt really bad for that.

Now we finally know who "her" is that keeps calling Greg! It's Tamara! Now didn't he say that this was his wife or somebody like that? Whatever, she's cheating on Neal! :( Makes sense why they are in town now, though. I think they've been in on this the whole time.

Forgot to say that Neal and Tamara's "meeting" was planned! We saw that at the end. Neal was talking to August in New York and Tamara was watching them and new when to come in on the conversation and everything!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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