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Psych "No Country For Two Old Men" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Juliet and Shawn have a housewarming party! Lassiter's present for them is so him, too. Kind of funny. Shawn really wants Lloyd and Henry to become friends and Juliet just wants nature to take it's course. But Shawn doesn't listen (as always) and sets up a lunch date for Henry and Lloyd anyways!

Henry goes calls Lloyd to tell him that he's coming to get him for their lunch date and Lloyd wants to cancel because he has to go pick up a package at a mail box place. Henry volunteers and so Lloyd tells him what to do. To go to the mail box place, pick up a package from 227 and not to say his name. He repeats the number several times, but Henry still forgets it by the time he gets to the mail box place and guess what he does? Yep, says Lloyd's name. Exactly what he wasn't supposed to say. Next thing you see, Henry is getting shot at and Lloyd saves him and he knew exactly what happened, too. Henry is totally confused.

Lloyd has to deliver a package to a friend of his. But still not telling Henry the full truth. The package will pay off some gambling debt that he owes and he doesn't want Henry to say anything to Juliet or his wife because he told them that he had gone good.

What Lloyd doesn't realize that Juliet has known all along that Lloyd has gone back to his old ways because she figures out what happened.

Shawn keeps telling Gus that he knows that Gus is not happy about his girlfriend having a kid and Gus is just denying it. But he finally opens up about it and says that he doesn't like the fact that she has a kid! I knew it! You could totally see that, too. But I don't think he wants to end things with his girlfriend.

Lloyd and Henry end up having to go to Mexico to deliver the package! Again, Henry is not happy that he didn't know this and Lloyd all along kept saying that he told Henry where they were going. Once they get there, they get arrested because Lloyd doesn't have good standings down in Mexico! They do get released so that they can exchange the package. The police thought that the package was engraving plates, but instead, it turned out to be cuff links! It was the right package because Pablo was looking for these certain cuff links for a long time. When they finally get to leave Pablo's place, Lloyd ends up finding the engraving plates and takes them and the bad guys realize that he took them and now they are in trouble! They get captured again by them and have to dig their own graves.

Don't worry, though, because Juliet, Shawn and Gus are on the trail and eventually follow them to the digging site. That's where they get caught, too, but then the police show up.

That's when we find out that the Detective is bad and wanted the engraving plates to himself! He tried to frame Lloyd, but they figured out that Lloyd got taken again and go after him again. Lloyd "gets shot" and Henry now feels bad about what happened and says this whole nice long speech to him, thinking he's dead. But Shawn notices that he has a bullet proof vest on and Lloyd wakes up! Henry is now mad at him again.

Shawn still wants to try and get their dads together, but finally listens to Juliet and let's "nature takes it course".

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode (it's their 100th episode and it looks awesome!):