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Psych "Santabarbaratown 2" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Man, how I've missed this show! I didn't know I missed it as much as I did until I watched the season premiere. I think it's been almost a year since (or longer) I watched new episodes. And what a great episode to start off the new season! Like I said, it's been so long since I saw the last season, so I was happy that they did the "previously on" because I had no clue on how it left off. It was a good cliffhanger, too. So, I'm surprised I forgot about it.

Henry is alone with the bad guy and nobody knows it. Shawn does figure it out and races to his dad, but he's too late. Bad guy already shot him. Shawn is now very mad. Who else didn't see this coming that Shawn is now on the case after Juliet told him not to? 

Woody was like the comedy relieve in this show, I guess, is what you call it. He was hilarious! Always showing up to a scene with body bags.

Shawn and Gus get into some trouble, too. Because Shawn threatens the bad guy and the bad guys go after Shawn and Gus! Plant a bomb under their couch in their office. But it all turns out fine. They survive.

Gus is gonna be so mad at Shawn because now he's destroyed two cars! First, the Blueberry and then the Cranberry. Especially since Gus didn't even own the first one. I wonder what car they will get next? Because the Blueberry was like really gone. I'd be surprised if they fixed it.

Now something strange happens. Lassiter is helping Shawn! Yes, you read that right. I was shocked when I saw him come and bring him to the bad guys house and Shawn was really confused. I've always wondered if Lassiter has liked Juliet as more then a friend. Or is that just me? Shawn got into trouble again because he went to the bad guy, but then got out manned. Kicked one of the bad guys' butts, but still didn't quite get out of that unless Juliet hadn't come to save him.

Henry is fine. He wakes up from the gun shot and is horrified to see that Chelsea is helping him! He can finally talk and basically kicks her out of the room. 

Did you love the season premiere as much as I did or not? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode: