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Red Widow "Pilot" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Not sure how I'm liking the new ABC show, "Red Widow". But I gotta say I enjoyed it more then "Golden Boy", but not sure how much. 

Centers on a housewife, Marta, who we learn that her whole family ends up being in the mob (including her husband) and she is begging him to get out of the "family business". He does try, but her brother drags him into it anyways. 

Interesting plot, though. Not sure if I've watched a show where it had to do with the mob. But there is sad news in all this. Marta's husband dies! She doesn't know who killed him, but her youngest son was with him outside when it happened and now he's like traumatized. Poor little guy.

That's where the whole show basically starts up. Marta tries to go to the guy that they stole stuff from and says that she wants out of it and wants protection for her family, but in order to get it, she has to join the family business and help him out for one time. Which doesn't make sense. She has to work with somebody she doesn't even trust. But she does get a bodyguard, who I think likes Marta. 

Now she has to learn how to be in the mob and get a new guy to help out. She isn't great at it, though. Eventually by telling the poor guy (after stealing his bike) the truth, he ends up helping her and the randomly kisses her? I didn't understand that part. That part was a little sudden.

Oh, forgot to say that the bad guy, Luther, ends up making them wait 2 weeks before she hears anything. 

Her oldest son, Gabe somehow finds out that his whole family is in the mob and isn't happy about that. But now he has to keep it from his sister and she's started to ask a whole lot of questions.

So, I may watch a few episodes (not sure) before I make up my mind, but it wasn't a bad show. Just not sure if it's my type of show.

Did you love or hate the new series? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I just watched the pilot for the second time tonight, they did a repeat (Revenge did too), and it was rather like watching for the first time. I'm afraid I get lots of the characters confused. One of the men the brother shot in the opening scenes looked remarkably like the husband. The brother and the groom (marrying her sister) were easy to confuse also. Watching again did clarify a lot for me tho.

    I live in the Bay Area, and we love seeing "our" towns featured. But we HATE when they take liberties with actual locations; there is no road where one can jog or bike ride on a waterfront road, directly across from San Francisco and within spittin' distance of the Golden Gate Bridge. (they took similar, rather laughable, liberties with the scenic facts in Eli Stone, too. I loved that til the bitter end).


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