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The Mentalist "There Will Be Blood" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Lorelei is back and is really creepy in this episode! She's trying to learn about her sister's death. She brutally murders a lady asking her if she knew anything about the death and I think she does, but we don't find out right away.

I believe Patrick is in shock of what Lorelei has done because they caught the killing on tape. The lady had a nanny cam in her room. So, everybody saw the murder.

Now the CBI team track down and see why Lorelie was after this lady and to see if she does have a connection with Red John and Lorelei's sister's murder.

What was up with that weird meeting with Bertram checking up on Theresa and then she leaves and in walks Bob (who overheard the whole conversation)? Anybody else find that a bit odd? I have never trusted Bob. Isn't he the guy that told Patrick he knew him, but Patrick didn't recognize him? I have always had a sneaking suspicion that Bertram is Red John and Bob is probably a helper or his right hand man or something like that.

We think another member of the place Julia worked at, was also involved. Especially when Lorelei shows up at their meeting at the hotel ready to shoot somebody! If it hadn't been for a bystander seeing that Lorelei had a gun, it would have gotten really bad. Well, it did because Lorelei shot a cop! I think she might have gotten away, though. I can't remember.

So funny with the stake out at each member's homes and Rigsby is so bored, so he calls Chow on the walkytalky and starts asking about Van Pelt and what she'd be doing about then! But poor Rigsby, he's at the spot where Lorelei hits and he gets hurt pretty badly (but still is alive) and Patrick knows this because he figures it out while he's back at the police station (he was benched from the case). I am not sure who it was, (didn't catch his name), but he worked for Red  John and confessed to Lorelei that he killed her sister. Lorelei breaks Patrick's promise about telling him Red John's name and kills the other guy before Patrick could ask him! All I gotta say, is if this show does end this season (there's rumors about it possibly ending this season), is they better tell us who Red John is!

Now we jump 2 weeks later. They lost the case and are still trying to get it back and Lorelei is killed by Red John! Patrick warned her it was gonna happen and she didn't listen!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode: