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Castle "The Fast and the Furriest" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Girl just gets randomly dropped off at the hospital (literally dropped off - kind of thrown out of the car) and nurses standing by go over to help her. She doesn't live and so Kate is called to the scene. 

Castle is mad that somebody is eating his food and he doesn't know who! So, he is going to try to catch whoever is stealing his food. It ends up being Alexis because she invested in a friend and she didn't have anymore money. But Castle was mad that Alexis lied to him at first. She was just trying to avoid the talk that he normally gives her about that stuff. Then Castle says he wants to know more about what Alexis was investing in. I think their relationship is really cute.

Ann was the girl who was killed at the beginning. She worked at a Primate place and Kate and Castle go there to talk to her coworkers. He does not get along well with the one ape that walks into his home there. It was funny! Her workers were saying she got into an argument with somebody. 

Now they are at the crime scene and guess what Castle sees? A giant footprint and so now he is certain that Big Foot is the killer! Castle believes everything, doesn't he? Kate is just Kate in this episode and doesn't believe anything like that. She doesn't understand why Castle believes in this stuff and then he asks her what she believes in. She likes to believe in the mystery of everyday. 

 Somebody put out a reward on whoever could find Big Foot! That's why Ryan had all those "sightings" of the thing. Not sure if that fit into the murder part or not. Speaking of Ryan, I'm surprised nothing was mentioned in this episode about his wife being pregnant! Seeing as that was like a big deal with him and maybe they haven't said anything or they did and just don't want to let us know or what. Just thought that was odd.

Oh, remember the pendant found in Ann's stomach? That ended up being her dead roommates (Justine). Odd, right? Well, it ended up being a very important clue to the whole murder of both girls. 

First thought it was Justine's old boyfriend, but it ended up not being him that killed her! He was helpful to the case, though. Said that the pendant that Ann had, was taken by whoever killed Justine.

Kate and Castle find the woods where Ann was filming at and she was followed there by the killer and killed there and they found the murder scene! Before that, they both fell into this huge whole and Castle is convinced that it's Big Foot's trap. Kate gets out, goes to get rope in the car to get Castle out and she is a little behind getting there and guess who comes while she's coming? Big Foot! Castle has a cow and starts screaming. Kate gets there and sees Big Foot. But it ended up being the Big Foot expert dressed up in a costume! Knew there had to be something like that. He wasn't the killer, though.

The killer was the professor. Justine was gonna quit school, but not because of her boyfriend (which everybody thought). It was because the professor was obsessed with her (in a bad way) and was gonna go to the head teacher guy and tell him about it, but the professor couldn't let that happen or else his career would be over. And the professor took the pendant after he killed Justine.

Kurt is gonna take over Ann's research on Big Foot because according to Ann, Big Foot is real and Castle loved the idea!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below.

Here's the promo for the next episode (which looks amazing!):

*This episode has been moved until the end of April - will not premiere next week*