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Castle "The Lives Of Others" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I always love 100th episodes. All shows (well, that I've seen), always seem to out do themselves and I felt like they did with this 100th episode of Castle. Was not expecting the twist at the end! By far my favorite episode.

Murder happening in front of a security camera with security people watching it and one calls 911 and the one security guy that went out to look for the body, found it in a trash can. 

Castle broke his knee cap (I believe it was that) when he and Kate went skiing and he's been stuck at home for 2 weeks and now he's starting to get really antsy. He's bummed he has to miss another case.

Clara was an IRS agent (the one that was murdered). She did have problem with somebody, so they track the person down.

Castle is now trying to entertain himself with probably anything and he's too funny with the helicopter. But then it crashes and actually breaks. That's when he decides to finally use the binoculars that Alexis gave him and his neighbor is very interesting. His wife is having an affair and tries to hide it from him, but he finds out and so he kills his wife and Castle sees this all! Then nobody believes Castle when he calls Kate, Ryan and Esposito down there. And there's no evidence anywhere in the guys' house, either. 

Kate is starting to get really annoyed with Castle being the way he is all of the sudden. Obsessed with the case. He even wakes up during the night to go and try and catch the neighbor trying to bring out the body! 

Alexis now comes over and she's all into the case with Castle. That part was cute. Castle decides to go over to the guys house while he was out and Alexis is watching him. He gets trapped in the house with the killer, but he gets out! Thank goodness. It was a close call, too.

Castle then decides to search a storage unit that the guy had rented the night of the murder and Kate actually has to do the search for him because he can't bend over and then they get caught and yelled at by the Captain.

Kate gets so frustrated with Castle that he can't let this case go and enjoy his birthday, that she decides to go over to the guys' place to check the fridge and she gets in, but doesn't do a good job at trying to get to the fridge and the lights go out while they are fighting! Castle has a cow and calls the police down there and that's when we learn that it was a spoof and a trick to get Castle down there to celebrate his birthday! The three people involved where from Castle's mom's acting class! Kate did it because she knew how bored Castle was and wanted to help him. How sweet is that? He loved it and now he has to get back at her.

After Castle comes into his party, Kate solves her murder case! The girl security guard planned the whole security tape. Clara was murdered earlier and she set it up so that they wouldn't think about her.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode:

(No episode until the 15th :( )